VCT 2024 Americas Information Now Available

The VCT 2024 Americas is set to begin in April, but it’s never too early to prepare for one of the biggest events of the year. There are a couple of teams that have been confirmed for weeks, but now we have a schedule as to how things are going to be shaking out. 

This will just be Stage One, and there will be other opportunities for team to earn a trip to other major international events. This event is going to be split up into two groups, and that action will determine how teams are placed onto the bracket. 

Winners of this tournament are going to qualify for VCT Masters Shanghai, and that will be the ultimate goal for every team that competes on Valorant. This is already the second leg of the season, and some teams have been changing up their rosters for a chance at more success moving forward. 

Here is a look at the groups that are set, as well as some of the early matchups that have already been confirmed. 

Alpha and Omega

There are going to be 11 teams competing at the VCT 2024 Americas, and those teams have been split up into two groups. While there are some events that would just use numbers to highlight the groups, this event will use Alpha and Omega. 

Here is a look at the five teams that will be competing in the Alpha Group:

  • Cloud9
  • G2 Esports
  • KRU Esports
  • NRG Esports
  • Sentinels

The Omega Group is going to have six teams competing to advance, and those teams are:

  • 100 Thieves
  • Evil Geniuses
  • LOUD
  • MIBR
  • Leviatan

Only six of those teams are going to advance to the playoff stage, and that means that every single matchup in the group stage is going to matter. Teams can’t afford to hold anything back in the early part of this event as that could keep them out of the playoff picture entirely. 

A Look at the Format

Even though the teams are currently placed in groups, there will be some crossover matchups to ensure that everything is done fairly. Winning the group is going to come with a huge bonus as well as it will come with a bye straight to the semifinals. 

Like other VCT events, this is going to be a double-elimination format once the bracket play begins, and that can end up saving some teams. One bad night won’t officially end the dreams for any team, but it will make it much harder for them to advance. 

Finishing in first place is going to be the goal, but the top three teams are actually going to advance to Shanghai. That adds some pressure to win the group because that would automatically put teams just one win away. 

The first action of this event will take place on Saturday, April 6, and everything will conclude on May 12. That’s going to create five weeks of terrific Valorant action among the best teams in the entire world. 

Early Matchups Announced

The VCT 2024 Americas is going to start off with a bang as there are some loaded matchups set to take place during the first week. Riot Games announced that the matchups were done through a blind draw, but fans were convinced that two of the biggest rivalries will kick things off. 
NRG Esports will be taking on LOUD on the very first day of this event, and those are two teams that have a ton of history between each other. The next day, G2 Esports will take on Evil Geniuses, and these are two teams that have had a ton of success on the biggest stage.