VCT Masters Madrid on the Horizon

It has already been a massive season in the world of esports when it comes to the game Valorant, and that trend is only going to continue moving forward. There have already been some massive events that have taken place, but now the focus is going to shift to Madrid for the next major event. 

The VCT Masters Madrid is going to take place from March 14 through March 24, and some of the top teams in the world are expected to attend. There will still be some top teams that decide to sit this one out, but it’s another chance to showcase one of the growing esports games. 

There will be four Valorant regions represented in this event, and the top eight teams from each region were invited to attend. That is going to create some incredible drama and excitement, and there will be some great betting opportunities available as well. 

It’s not going to be easy to decide which team is going to come up with a victory at this event, but there is still time to get those bets in. It is a good time to start looking at some of the top teams that will be in Madrid competing for the title. 

Team Sentinels

It has been a long few years for members of the Sentinels and fans of this team, but they are now back and ready to compete for an international title. Momentum is a huge factor in esports as well, and the Sentinels team will have that in their back pocket. 

Tenz has taken over leadership responsibility of this team, and this event will give him a chance to prove his talent on the biggest stage. The Sentinels were once a force to be reckoned with at every single international event, but that just hasn’t been the case of late. 

The Sentinels are actually trying to win their first international competition since the VCT: Stage 2 Masters nearly three years ago. They will have a big target on their back ahead of this tournament, but this team has been playing well of late. 

Karmine Corp

When looking at the future betting odds for this event, Karmine Corp is not getting much respect at all. The members of this team would probably prefer it remain that way, but there is too much talent on this roster to be ignored. 

While they might be an underdog heading into this event, they did just come away with a win at the VCT EMEA Kickoff, and they defeated a number of great teams in the process. This is another team with momentum on their side, and they will look to carry that over into this event. 

There are some young players on this roster that aren’t used to international competition, and that will be something to watch as the action unfolds. 


There is simply no way to look at this upcoming event and not picture LOUD as one of the top contenders to win in Madrid. This team is consistently one of the best performers at international competition, and they have a loaded roster that is ready to go on a deep run yet again. 

Another reason that LOUD should be a team to look out for in this event is that the team was a major disappointment in 2023. There are players on this roster that didn’t live up to expectations a year ago, and that is going to make them dangerous heading into Madrid.

There will be some other teams that perform well in this event in Madrid, but some of the most popular teams are going to shine the brightest.