Call of Duty League championships

Changes Announced for CDL Major 4

The Call of Duty League continues to be an extremely popular league, but it is having trouble with it’s major tournaments every single year. For the second straight year, the major tournament will be held without fans, and that’s disappointing to both fans and the top teams set to compete. 

The Carolina Royal Ravens were chosen to host Major IV this year, but that organization has decided to back out as host. No specific reason was given for this decision, but the team was simply looking to give up on the responsibility. 

With that news, the league followed up by announcing that Major IV would be a LAN event once again and no fans would be in attendance. There have been other leagues that have been forced to host a major tournament without fans, but it’s usually for very specific reasons. 

His event will now take place in California, and it’s going to feel eerily similar to the tournament that was held in Columbus, Ohio last year. That event was also played without fans after the New York Subliners pulled out of hosting in their own state. 

This is the first year in the league for the Carolina Royal Ravens, and the league was hoping to take advantage of a growing fan base in Charlotte. There is a good chance that the Royal Ravens will be a part of this event as they are currently holding on to the last playoff spot.

The CDL has not only had to change how the Major IV will be hosted, but it also had to adjust some of the dates of the event. This tournament was originally supposed to kickoff on May 24, but everything has been pushed back a week so that teams can figure out a way to adjust travel plans. 

Pro Players Wrongly Banned

Activision is the company that develops Call of Duty and it has been working hard to fight back against the hackers that are trying to ruin the game. That company recently announced that more than 58,000 players had their accounts banned, and some professional players were among that group. 

Abuzah of the Seattle Surge was one of the players that had his account banned, but he was quick to recognize the potential issue for the ban. He simply wanted to get some camo, and he was not trying to cheat or influence any of the action. 

The CDL is still expected to punish Abuzah in some form as it is technically against the rules to acquire camo without earning it. This was not done during league action, but it was instead done by Abuzah during play on his own personal time. 

Other players have also had their accounts banned recently, but many are questioning why that actually happened. This is going to be a news story to follow over the next few days as the CDL will likely launch an investigation. 

A Look at the Blaze Up Event

The CoD “Blaze Up” event is now underway and it can be played on a variety of different formats of the game. This is a nod to the 4/20 holiday that is celebrated by some around the world, but it’s a great way for all players of this game to cash in.

There are certain challenges that need to be completed by players before the event is over, and some massive rewards are available as well. 11 total challenges are going to be available during this event and completing all of them will unlock the Mastery Reward. 

All of the action in this event will last until April 24th, giving players a chance to cash in.