A Look at CDL Stage 2 Major

The Call of Duty League continues to produce plenty of drama and excitement, and that will be the case again this week. It’s time for the CDL Stage 2 Major, and the bracket has been set for what should be a terrific battle. 

All of the regular season action during Stage 2 has placed the teams on the bracket, but now everything starts from scratch. The top eight teams will be competing in the top half of the bracket, while the other four teams are still at the bottom. 

This will be a double-elimination tournament as teams are still going to have a shot to win the title if they struggle out of the games. The CDL has been producing some great games in 2024, and there is no reason to believe that things are changing. 

Stage 2 Standings

The bracket was not put together through a random draw, as it was the regular season action that determined the seeds. Teams rack up points during CDL regular season action, but there are more points handed out during the Major action. 

OpTic Texas was the team that won the regular season action in Stage 2, and they were awarded 70 points for their efforts. That team will now be the top seed and betting favorite in this event, but there are other great teams ready to challenge them. 

The New York Subliners and Atlanta FaZe are coming into this major as the number two and three seeds, and those are two teams that can win a title. Toronto Ultra finished the regular season action in fourth place, and they were still awarded 50 points, which was the same as Atlanta FaZe. 

While those four teams were able to get past the other teams during regular season action, that just means that a target is now on their backs. They will now have some pressure on them to deliver in the action that starts later this week. 

The Top Bracket

The top eight teams during the regular season are going to be placed in the top part of the bracket, and there will be some great battles that take place. The four best teams are going to be favored, but there could also be some upsets that take place. 

OpTic Texas will be taking on the Miami Heretics in the first game of this major, and that game will feed into Toronto Ultra taking on the Las Vegas Legion. Those are four great teams, but OpTic Texas is expected to control those games. 

The other quadrant will feature the New York Subliners taking on the Boston Breach. The winner of that matchup will feed into the winner between Atlanta FaZe taking on Los Angeles Thieves, and that should be a great battle. 

Four Teams Waiting

Those top eight teams have the best odds to win the CDL Stage 2 Major, but there are going to be other teams in the mix as well. Four teams are going to have to wait to find out their first round matchup as they will be playing the losers from the top part of the bracket. 

The Carolina Royal Ravens are one of the teams in the bottom part of the bracket, and they had a rough regular season. Seattle Surge is another team that will be waiting for an opponent, and they also struggled. 

Minnesota ROKKR and the Los Angeles Guerrillas are in the bottom quadrant of the bottom bracket, and they are also facing a must-win situation. Even though this event is considered a double-elimination tournament, these two are going to have no margin for error.