Clayster Will Take A Break From Call of Duty League

Call of Duty Coming to ESports World Cup?

Call of Duty is one of the most popular video game titles of all-time, and it has also been extremely popular at the esports level. This is a game that always seems to be in the news as well, and the most recent story could be a big one. 

While nothing is confirmed at this time, it’s starting to look like Call of Duty will be added to the first ever ESports World Cup. That would be a shocking development as this game has not been mentioned up to this point. 

This event is going to be held in Saudi Arabia over an eight-week span, and adding Call of Duty would be a massive boost. The Call of Duty League does not let players participate outside of the league, but it could end up hosting its own event at this tournament. 

Several of the top players have expressed a desire to participate in this event, and perhaps the leaders of that league are listening to those wishes. People have started to notice that information about Call of Duty was added to the ESports World Cup website, including a potential prize pool. 

While that information has since been removed from the website, it has many thinking that this game is going to be added eventually. As games continue to get added to the event all of the time, many are convinced that Call of Duty is going to be next. 

Boston Breach Can’t Get a Win

Boston Breach is a CDL team that is struggling to find a win, and the team is closing in on the league record for most consecutive losses. It was another tough weekend for Boston Breach as they just suffered two more losses to run that streak up to 12. 

The current record is 13 consecutive losses, and it is currently held by Paris Legion. That run of futility came back in 2022, and Boston Breach does not want to be on the wrong side of history with two more losses.

Paris Legion actually ended their run with the losing streak as they folded as a team before ever playing another match. This losing streak came out of nowhere for Boston Breach as they seemed to be playing relatively well earlier in the year. 

Boston will have a chance to end their losing streak on June 8 as they are set to take on the Seattle Surge. While the CDL has proven to be extremely competitive, long losing streaks by teams are nothing new. 

The Seattle Surge actually had a 10-match losing streak at one point in their club’s history, and the Minnesota Rokkr also had a similar streak. This will be a news story to watch as Boston Breach will be doing everything they can to win. 

Black Ops 6 Showcase Coming

Activision has confirmed that Black Ops 6 is coming later this Fall as an October launch date is currently projected. A short trailer for the game has already been released, and there is going to be another way for fans to prepare for the action. 

There will be a showcase of the game on June 9th, and that will be a chance for players to get a better look at the game. A figure representing Saddam Hussein was seen in the trailer, and this game will depict scenes from the Gulf War. 

This would be the first time that a game tries to deal with the war in Iraq, but Activision has been willing to take risks in the past. Black Ops 6 is going to be coming to Game Pass on release, and that will get players in the mix right away.