A Look at Some Recent MLBB News

Mobile games tend to get overlook at times when it comes to the world of esports, but there is one game that continues to stand out. That game is Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, and it’s a sport that has been in the news a ton of late. 

While there isn’t really any big MLBB action currently taking place, it is going to be one of the featured events at the first ever Esports World Cup. With that in mind, teams and large organizations are trying to get things lined up to go on a major run. 

Here is a look at three recent news stories surrounding this game, and what it could mean for the future of the sport moving forward. 

Ninjas in Pyjamas Enters New Partnership

Ninjas in Pyjamas is looking to take the next step in this sport, and the organization just announced a new partnership with Team Flash from Singapore. Ninjas in Pyjamas is an Esports World Cup Foundation Partner Club, and there have been many others that have entered into a partnership as well. 

This new team will be called NIP Flash and the new team is already competing in the MLBB Professional League in Singapore. Since this game is going to be featured at the Esports World Cup, all of the top organizations want to have a good showing. 

It has already been a successful showing for the team as they had little trouble competing with the other teams from Singapore. This sport has become much more competitive at the professional level as teams from the United States are starting to get involved. 

Winning the Season 7 Playoffs will be a huge test for this team, but they will have to win to secure a spot at the Esports World Cup. Even if that doesn’t happen this year, NIP Flash will be given the opportunity to compete in other tournaments. 

A Look at MLBB Project Next

MOONTON is the company that is behind MLBB, and it is trying to make some significant changes to keep the game relevant. Project Next is going to be rolled out this month, and this is how MOONTON will work to improve the overall game play. 

It’s nothing new to see developers create changes for a game, but things are going to be a bit different with this project. MOONTON is going to use feedback that it receives from players in order to update the game. 

There is also going to be a new hero introduced as a part of this project, and that will add some new excitement and intrigue. Professional players are not going to see any significant changes right away, but there will be some major impacts for casual players. 

This update is scheduled to take place on June 19th, and there will be different stages of this project. The feedback from professional players will be received, but it will be hard to impact the top action in the sport right away. 

MLBB Women’s Invitational Coming

There is also a special event coming next month that will highlight the top women’s players in this sport. The Mobile Legends Women’s Invitational (MWI) will become the largest all-female esports event in history when it kicks off. 

This is also going to be a part of the first ever Esports World Cup, and it will allow the female players to experience a terrific environment. This is not the first time that MLBB has hosted an all-female event, but it’s going to be done on a much bigger scale. 

12 teams are going to be a part of this event, and there will be several different levels of play.