ALGS EMEA Pro League Set To Return On March 23

ALGS EMEA Pro League Set To Return On March 23

According to the recent announcement, the ALGS EMEA Pro League will continue on Wednesday, March 23, 2022.

The Apex Legends Global Series for Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) is just around the corner. According to the recent announcement, the ALGS EMEA Pro League will continue on Wednesday, March 23, confirming the rumors provided by pro players over the last month.


The official ALGS Twitter account confirmed the return of the ALGS EMEA Pro league on Wednesday, March 23. Besides announcing the league’s start date, the Pro League will also introduce a new schedule.

The schedule change comes in an attempt to keep the region on schedule with other regions, whose season started a couple of weeks back. And to make up for the lost time, the new format will make ALGS EMEA very busy.

As revealed, the Apex Legends esports teams competing in ALGS EMEA will play six days in a row. Moreover, multiple lobbies will be taking place concurrently, providing Apex Legends fans with more action than they could wish for.

However, this is not the first time a region had to deal with this type of schedule change. Other teams had top play two matchdays in a week instead of just one. That is because all regions delayed the start of the LAGS season due to the current events in Ukraine.

Although the current schedule is harder on the teams and players, it does have its benefits -mainly more action for esports fans to follow.

What About The CIS Region?

With the changes to the ALGS EMEA schedule, it should keep the region in line with other regions. However, we still don’t know what will happen or how will the schedule change affect players from the CIS region.

As it stands now, many CIS players have been heavily affected due to the war in Ukraine. As a result, many have been told by the tournament organizers that they can’t compete from their home country and must move to another country to be eligible.

That is to prevent situations where a player or a whole team wouldn’t be able to play in a scheduled match due to unforeseen reasons. This also resulted in challenging situations for the players.

Ukrainian players who left the country had to figure out their hardware situation, as many had to leave behind their PCs while fleeing their country. Meanwhile, Russian players also had to move outside of their country, with many moving to Turkey.

Numerous players found a solution to their problems – gaining access to the equipment necessary to compete and a temporary location. However, there are still many players who weren’t as fortunate.

With so many Apex Legends esports pro players hailing from the CIS region, there is a good chance that many teams won’t be able to compete in the next ALGS season.

A Problem For ALGS Playoffs

With many teams and players expected to miss the second split of ALGS, there’s also the question of how will the ALGS Playoffs play out. As it stands now, the tournament organizers have yet to announce when Split Two playoffs will begin.

Still, the ALGS plans to host an international playoff for the second split, with top-10 NA and APAC North teams advancing. But only top-five teams from SA and APAC South.

The same plan was used for the first split playoffs, but it fell through. The Split One playoffs were supposed to be on LAN, but it had to be canceled due to COVID.

Instead, the top-20 teams from each region played regional playoffs online. Now with the COVID situation improving, LAN playoffs seem a possibility, although due to the war in Europe, it’s unclear whether the plan could be executed.

With so much uncertainty, it’s tough to say how the ALGS will proceed. However, we know for sure that for the EMEA region, the action starts on Wednesday, March 23!