OpTic Enters Professional Apex Scene

ALGS Regional Finals Now Complete

The ALGS North American Regional Finals have now been completed, but this event was done without the public having any knowledge of it. This was actually the second attempt to complete this event as the first one was ruined by a hacker. 

Apex Legends is a sport that is forgot about at times, but it was all over the news when a successful hack shut down the North American Regional Finals as soon as it was discovered. In an effort to protect the integrity of this event, there was no live stream this time around. 

All of the battles at the NA Regional Finals were recorded, and those can now be found online. Many of the top Apex Legends fans were quick to find out about this event, but no one was able to check out the action in real time. 

TSM Gets it Done

The reason that this event needed to be completed was so that the qualifying teams were identified. In a thrilling five game series, TSM was able to come away with the win inorder to qualify for the next major event. 

OpTic Gaming and XSet were considered to be strong contenders at the Regional Finals, but they were unable to come away with enough points to move on. This event was initially slated to wrap up on March 18th, but a champion wasn’t decided until exactly one week later. 

Cloud9 and DarkZero were two of the other teams that racked up enough points to qualify for the next round. There were 12 teams in all from North America that have been given the chance to take on teams from other parts of the world. 

The Split One Playoffs are going to be held in Los Angeles, and other teams from different regions will begin to make their way to this location. 

Hacker Has Been Identified

A player by the name of Destroyer2009 has taken credit for the hack earlier this month, and it’s not the first time that they have been relevant. Destroyer2009 first started popping up back in December 2023, and it has taken on a number of different roles since that time. 

When Destroyer2009 was first identified, he was simply labeled as a cheater due to some of this actions on the screen. From there, Destroyer2009 started to target other players, and eventually moved up to the top professional players. 

If the plan of Destroyer2009 was to gain notoriety through his actions, it’s pretty clear that he succeeded in that mission. There were some copycat accounts that popped up pretty quickly after his first attack, but there was only one player that was doing most of the hacking. 

Some in the Apex Legends community are starting to argue that Destroyer2009 is actually a hero because he pointed out some serious flaws in the game. New security measures have been added in the hopes that Destroyer2009 or other hackers will not be able to impact the game moving forward. 

Better Opportunities Coming for Women

It has not been easy for women that want to play Apex Legends to compete at a high level in this sport as there just aren’t enough opportunities. The Oversight Women’s Series is looking to change that as there will now be some ALGS-type events that are solely for female competitors. 

There will be room for 30 teams in this sport, and those teams are going to be split up among three different groups. The top 20 teams will then qualify for the final playoff event and there will be some big cash prizes available. 

There are similar events in other sports, but Apex Legends has been slow to keep up when it comes to providing opportunities for women.