Big Changes For Apex Legends Teams

This is kind of the downtime when it comes to Apex Legends at the professional level, but that doesn’t mean that the news has stopped. With some great action still to come later on in the year, organizations are trying to set themselves up for some success. 

Earlier this month, a number of teams made big changes to their rosters, and that seemed to set the stage for some new rivalries to develop. Things slowed down for two weeks, but now some major roster changes have been announced this week as well. 

For fans of Apex Legends teams, it hasn’t been easy to keep track of where players are going ahead of the next major. Here is a look at a couple of those changes and how it might impact the rest of the action this year. 

Saudis Getting Involved

For those that have been keeping tabs on what is going on in the world of professional sports, the Saudis have been influencing top talent as they look to get involved. Now that is spilling over into the world or esports as a “superteam” has been formed on the backing of Saudi money.

Team Falcons is a Saudi-backed esports organization, but they have not been involved in Apex Legends up to this point. That has now changed this week as they just made a purchase that could shape some major tournaments moving forward. 

Falcons have purchased DarkZero, a team that is known for being extremely successful in this sport. This was an easy target for Falcons as three great players have all joined forces to represent this new organization. 

Genburten and Zer0 are going to be two key pieces of this team moving forward, and they are joined by ImperialHal. That trio could prove to be unstoppable in this sport, and they will have a big target on their backs when they show up to the ALGS NA Split Two.

The ALGS NA Split Two will be starting soon, but that’s not really going to be the major focus of this new team. With the first ever Esports World Cup set to begin in two months, this new trio will be looking to play extremely well in that event. 

The Saudi Government is sponsoring the Esports World Cup, and it only makes sense that they will be using their funds to create a team that they hope will be successful. 

NRG Making a Return

NRG is back in the Apex Legends fold, and they are making a return with one of the most talented players in the sport. It was a brief leave for NRG, but they have decided to return to competitive action, and they should be a threat right away to have some success. 

This roster was put together by taking on a group of free agents that have actually had some success in recent tournaments, and they will now have a new focus. Fun, Nocturnal, and hodsic will be the three best players on this roster, and that trio has worked together to win tournaments in the past. 

Those three players have had some time off as their former XSet team failed to make the playoffs at the end of Split 1. That team did qualify for the playoffs in five straight live events, and that would make them a team to watch the rest of the year. 

NRG decided to pull away from Apex Legends last year due to some lack of support, but they now believe that the game is in a better spot. This team will get a chance to prove itself right away, and they also have eyes on the Esports World Cup.