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Collision Series Coming For Super Smash Bros

Super Smash Bros is a game that has been around for a long time, but it’s now played at a much higher level with the growth of esports. There are now Super Smash Bros tournaments played all around the world, but a major event is set to take place this weekend. 

The Collision Series is one of those big events that takes place in this game, and there are actually a few different installments every year. For the first time in 2024, the Collision Series is going to be taking place this upcoming weekend. 

One nice thing about this event is that both popular formats of Super Smash Bros will be played as teams can compete on Melee or Ultimate. There are many players that now specialize in both games, but the top players and teams will have to choose which event they want to participate in. 

Players of Super Smash Bros know that there are even more styles with this game than Melee or Ultimate, but those styles are not played at the Collision Series. All of the action is going to start on March 15th, and the action is going to be furious once play begins. 

For those that want to compete in this event, it’s going to feel like a sprint until everything wraps up on St. Patrick’s Day, or March 17th. Most of the action is going to be played in a singles format, but those that want to play doubles are also going to find some options to get in on the action. 

Even though there are some differences in the way that the games are played, the format at the Collision Series is going to be the same for each game. Players or duos will be split up into pools, and group play is going to kick things off. 

Some of the best Super Smash Bros players in the world are expected to attend the Collision Series, and there could be some big battles in bracket play. Those brackets won’t be finalized until all of the action in the group stage has been completed. 

Melee Gaining Some Steam

Ultimate is still considered the most popular form of Super Smash Bros, but Melee is coming on strong as well. There will right around 500 players competing at this event on this style of game, and some big cash prizes will be awarded. 

The Collision Series will hand out $7,410 for winners on the single side of things, and there will be some great players looking to cash in. Zain is coming into this event as the defending champion, and he will be back and looking to retain his crown. 

There are some other top challengers that are looking to make a name for themselves at the Collision Series and that will only make things more exciting. 

Huge Turnout For Ultimate

As expected, a large turnout of players will be coming to this event to play Ultimate as more than 700 entrants have been confirmed. Since there are going to be more competitors on this side of things, the prize pool is going to be up to $10,000. 

There will actually be even more players competing on Ultimate at this event, but 700 of those players are going to be competing as individuals. Sonix is one of the top players of Super Smash Bros, but he has confirmed that he will not be at the Collision Series. 

Following along with the group stage action is going to be extremely important as that will allow you to make better betting picks when bracket play begins.