DarkZero Sign Former Reignite Roster

DarkZero Sign Former Reignite Roster

DarkZero announced the signing of the former Reignite Apex Legends roster on Tuesday, July 6.

DarkZero announced the signing of the former Reignite Apex Legends roster on Tuesday, July 6. The announcement comes just days ahead of Apex Legends Global Series Championship, where DarkZero will debut its new lineup.

A Promising Lineup

DarkZero has officially entered the Apex Legends esports scene on Tuesday, July 5, with the signing of the former Reignite roster. The all-Australian team consists of Noyan “Genburten” Ozkose, Rick “Sharky” Wirth, and captain Rhys “Zer0” Perry, who have been playing together since March 2022, when Sharky joined the lineup.

Meanwhile, Zer0 and Henburten have been playing side by side since January 2021, when the duo joined Reignite South in January 2021. Despite having little time to find synergy, the trio clicked almost instantly and have together achieved immense success in the APAC region.

While fighting under the Reignite banner, the Australian trio won many minor events and even appeared in bigger international tournaments. Most notably, Reignite dominated early into 2021, won 12 out of 18 tournaments they’ve attended, and ended the year with 22 tournament titles.

The team also appeared in ALGS Championship 2021 – APAC South, but they struggled to achieve much, finishing the event in eighth place.

As a part of a Japanese esports organization, which fielded teams in different regions, Genburten, Zer0, and Sharky achieved immense success but were eventually let go at the end of June, after placing third in Rise of Legion APAC South – Season 1.

A New Journey

Despite being let go from the organization, the Australians now have a new organization, and they’ll again fight under a banner that is not native to their region. Unlike Reignite, DarkZero is a North American esports organization that has a strong presence in other esports titles.

Most notably, DarkZero field teams in Valorant and Rainbow Six Siege. However, it had never before appeared in Apex Legends.

Although it is strange to see DarkZero sign a roster outside of North America, the move makes a lot of sense for both parties. DarkZero have acquired a very promising for their first foray into Apex legends, while Zer0, Genburten, and Sharly now have a chance to compete in a more competitive region.

Genburten and Zer0 have both expressed their desire to compete in North America, claiming that the region offers better opportunities, stronger competition, and a more stable internet connection than Australia. So even though the move to NA will present the ex-Reignite squad with tougher challenges, it will definitely help the team improve and potentially help DarkZero emerge as one of the top teams in the NA Apex Legends scene.

A Tough Challenge Ahead

Whether DarkZero will manage to make a name for themselves with the new lineup is anyone’s guess, but we should get a clearer answer to that shortly. By acquiring Reignite’s roster, Darkzero also secured a spot at the upcoming Apex Legends Global Series: 2022 Championship, where the organization will make its Apex debut.

The ALGS Championship is set to kick off on Thursday, July 7, at PNC Arena in Raleigh, United States. It will serve as a season-culminating event, featuring some of the world’s top teams competing for the lion’s share of the $2,000,000 prize pool.

Darkzero will kick off their ALGS 2022 Championship campaign on Thursday with the first round of Group Stage, where all 40 teams will compete for Bracket Stage seeding. The top 20 teams will receive a spot in the winner’s bracket, while the bottom 20 teams will start their Bracket Stage campaign in the lowers bracket.

The tournament will continue with two days of the Bracket Stage play, from where the top-30 teams will advance into the Finals, slated for July 10.