DetonatioN Gaming Sign V3 VEGA Apex Team

DetonatioN Gaming Sign V3 VEGA Apex Team

Japanese esports organization DetonatioN Gaming announced the signing of the former Apex Legends squad V3 VEGA.

Japanese esports organization DetonatioN Gaming announced the signing of the former Apex Legends squad V3 VEGA. The announcement surfaced on Sunday, June 12, confirming DetonatioN Gaming’s first entry into the new esports title.

A Promising Roster

V3 VEGA is a Japanese esports organization which formed its Apex Legends roster in August 2021 with the signing of Miko “1tappy” Isegi and the former JUPITER VEGA (now ZETA DIVISION) duo Lucky “JIGEN” Takeyama and Tatsumi “t23tatsu” Hasegawa.

As a promising lineup, the trio quickly made a name for themselves, albeit V3 VEGA never really emerged as one of Japan’s top Apex Legends teams. The team debuted at FFL – Global Challenge Scrim in October, where they placed seventh, and were just as unsuccessful later that month at JCG – FACE FINAL, where 1tappy and co. finished ninth.

However, the team did not need long to claim its first Apex Legends tournament title, winning the KAGOSHIMA GAMERS-FLAG 2021 in November. After two months of competing in lesser events, V3 VEGA got a chance to test their skill against the region’s top teams.

V3 VEGA was invited to ALGS Split 1 Pro League APAC North as one of 40 teams competing for the lion’s share of the $125,000 prize pool. Even though V3 VEGA failed to win the event, they still placed 12th, earning $3,000 in tournament winnings and an invite to the playoffs, set to take off in January 2022.

Before V3 VEGA attended the ALGS Split 1 playoff, they appeared in two events in SoulZ Season #1 and FFL – Global Challenge – Qualifiers. Unfortunately, the team were largely unsuccessful, placing 16th and sixth, respectively.

However, despite their shaky ending to the year, V3 VEGA found traction early into 2022, just in time to make a splash at the ALGS Split 1 Playoff. Again, V3 VEGA went against all odds and ended the tournament in fourth place, coming just 14 points short of a podium finish.

V3 VEGA Find A New Home

No one expected much from V3 VEGA at ALGS Split 1 Playoff, but they proved all doubters wrong. After a shaky start in the first two rounds, in which the Japanese Apex Legends squad finished 14th and 15th, V3 VEGA found serious traction in rounds 3-5, winning all three with four, nine, and ten kills, respectively.

Unfortunately, they were unable to keep the wind in their sails, as they placed 20th in Round 5, second in Round 7, and 20th, 16th, and fifth in the final three rounds. Nevertheless, by collecting 84 points, V3 VEGA finished the tournament in third place, just 14 points behind the third-placed Flora Esports and 21 points clear of the fourth-placed FENNEL.

Since their phenomenal run at the ALGS, V3 VEGA did not achieve much, although they have qualified for the next ALGS playoffs with a ninth-place finish at ALGS Split 2 Pro League in March. Then, in Stockholm, V3 VEGA could only place 20th.

V3 VEGA have not attended another tournament since, and on May 19, the team parted ways with all the players. Still, the trio needed just under a month to find a new home at DetonatioN Gaming.

By joining DetonatiN Gaming, JIGEN, t23tatsu, and 1tappy are now members of one of Japan’s top esports organizations. Although the trio will serve as a part of DetioatioN’s inaugural Apex Legends roster, the organization is a well-known name thanks to its success in other esports titles, namely League of Legends.

With the support of the region’s top organization, JIGEN, t23tatsu, and 1tappy can now focus on the preparation for the ALGS 2022 Championship, slated for July 7-10 in Raleigh, Texas. The tournament will feature 40 Apex Legends teams and a $2,000,000 prize pool.