Dota 2 Fans Prepare for Day 2 of The Bali Major 

The Bali Major Started yesterday, and matches are proving to be highly contested. We break down Day 1 and how the tournament favorites are doing after the first day.

The Dota Pro Circuit debuted in Indonesia yesterday when it kicked off Group Stage play in The Bali Major. 18 teams from around the world have traveled to Bali to participate in the last Major in the 2023 Dota Pro Circuit competitive season. Teams are looking to have one last strong performance in Bali to propel them into an appearance at The International. 

The 18 teams participating in The Bali Major have been split up into two groups of nine. Each group will play a single round-robin amongst themselves, with the top 4 teams qualifying for the Upper Bracket in the playoffs. The 5th and 6th ranked teams from both groups will still qualify for Playoffs; however, their road to the finals will be much less forgiving as they’ll be immediately seeded into the Lower Bracket.

Bali Major Current Group Stage Standings

Group A

  1. Team Aster (1-1-0)

Team Liquid (1-1-0)

3. Invictus Gaming (1-0-1)

beastcoast (0-2-0)

Shopify Rebellion (0-2-0)

Team Spirit (0-2-0)

Tundra Esports (0-2-0)

8. Blacklist International (0-0-1)

Execration (0-0-1)

Group B

1. Azure Ray (1-1-0)

Gaimin Gladiators (1-1-0)

nouns (1-1-0)

PSG.LGD (1-1-0)

Quest Esports (1-1-0)

6. BetBoom Team (0-1-0)

7. 9 Pandas (0-0-1)

Bleed Esports (0-0-2)

Evil Geniuses (0-0-2)

Status of the Tournament Favorites

Coming into The Bali Major, many fans and oddsmakers alike had the Gaimin Gladiators as the top favorite to take the whole thing. They’ve been playing such a high level of Dota 2 recently many expected them to have a strong showing. Currently, they find themselves in a five-way tie for first place in Group B. Expect them to start distancing themselves from the pack in upcoming matches. 

Tundra Esports came into the tournament with the 2nd best odds to win the tournament outright. They also find themselves in a five-way tie, though after draws with both Team Spirit and beastcoast they’re competing for 3rd place in Group A and are currently in danger of not making playoffs if they can’t find some match wins. 

The team with the 3rd best odds coming into the Major was Team Liquid, who is living up to the expectations in an early tie for 1st place with Team Aster with 1-1-0 records. Group A is proving to be full of tough competitors where finding a match win is seemingly tough. Luckily for them they’ve already got one in the bank over Blacklist International and will look to carry their momentum into Day 2. 

Bali Major Group Stage Day 2 Schedule and Betting Odds

All times listed are in Eastern Time.

Thursday, June 29th

Blacklist International (+100) vs. beastcoast (-130) – 10 PM

Execration (+500) vs. Team Liquid (-900) – 10 PM

Invictus Gaming (+265) vs. Team Spirit (-385) – 10 PM

Tundra Esports (-130) vs. Shopify Rebellion (+100) – 10 PM

Friday, June 30th

9 Pandas (-115) vs. Azure Ray (-115) – 12:30 AM

Betboom Team (-1400) vs. Nouns (+700) – 12:30 AM

Gaimin Gladiators (-1600) vs. Bleed Esports (+650) – 12:30 AM

PSG.LGD (-260) vs. Evil Geniuses (+190) – 12:30 AM

Blacklist International (+265) vs. Shopify Rebellion (-385) – 3 AM

Execration (+190) vs. beastcoast (-260) – 3 AM

Team Liquid (-285) vs. Team Aster (+210) – 3 AM

Tundra Esports (-900) vs. Invictus Gaming (+460) – 3 AM

9 Pandas (-325) vs. Nouns (+230) – 5:30 AM

Azure Ray (+150) vs. Quest Esports (-200) – 5:30 AM

BetBoom Team (-260) vs. Evil Geniuses (+190) – 5:30 AM

PSG.LGD (+190) vs. Gaimin Gladiators (-260) – 5:30 AM