EA Announces Changed Format For ALGS Year 4

EA has announced massive changes for Alex Legends Global Series (ALGS) Year 4, as the scene expands into new regions with a restructured format.

The most notable changes include the introduction of a new region in China, changes to the prize pools, and qualification series for LAN events.

Big Changes For ALGS Year 4

On Thursday, October 5, EA revealed a list of big changes coming to the Apex Legends esports scene in 2024. The most notable include China joining the ALGS circuit, expanded Challengers Circuit eligibility, bigger prize pools, and a few regional shakeups.

From 2024 onwards, South America will no longer have a Pro League but a Challengers Circuit, which will lead to Regional Finals and LAN events. The change was made because EA believes it will improve the ecosystem in the region and the overall health of the Apex Legends esports scene.

“While this was a difficult decision, we believe that this change will enhance the competitive ecosystem in South America.”

Now, all amateur teams from the region will compete in the South America Challengers Circuit, with the top 20 teams competing in the regional finals, which will feed into the playoffs. The SA regional finals will come with a $62,500 prize pool, while the top two teams from the region will proceed to the ALGS Championship.

Perhaps even more impactful is the addition of China as a region in the ALGS circuit. The new region will work the same way as South America, offering two guaranteed spots at LAN events, but with one major change.

While the South American teams will qualify for LAN events based on their performance, China’s spots will be handed out via invites.

Changes To LAN Invites

With the restructured South American region and the addition of China as an ALGS region, the qualification process for LAN events and invites will change.

ALGS Year 4 LAN events promise to be the most global yet, featuring teams from six regions: EMEA, North America, APAC North, APAC South, South America, and China. However, regions will have a different number of invites.

Split 1 Playoffs – Regional Slot Distribution

  • Two invited teams from China
  • Two teams that qualify through the Split 1 Challenger Circuit in South America
  • Thirty-six teams that qualify through the Split 1 Pro League Regular Season
  • Twelve teams from North America and Eight teams each from the EMEA, APAC South, and APAC North regions

Split 2 Playoffs – Regional Slot Distribution

  • At least two invited teams from China
  • At least two teams that qualify through the Split 2 Challenger Circuit in South America
  • Up to 36 teams that qualify through their performance in the Split 2 Pro League Regular Season
  • At least ten teams from North America
  • At least six teams from the EMEA, APAC S, and APAC N regions

Like in 2023, the exact number of Split 2 Playoff slots per region will be determined by the region’s performance in Split 1 Playoffs. Teams that perform better will be able to earn extra spots for their region in the next ALGS Split Playoffs.

The season culminating in the ALGS Championship will also see some changes with the regional slot distribution. It will feature the top six teams from each region based on their playoff points.

In addition, the ALGS Championship 2024 will welcome 26 teams with the highest total Playoff points across the two splits and the top two teams from each region (EMEA, North America, APAC North, APAC South, South America, and China).

Prize Pool Changes

Besides all other changes, ALGS Year 4 will also shape up the prize pools across regions, with a total of $1 million spread across four regions.

  • North America – $125,000 per split
  • EMEA – $125,000 per split
  • APAC North – $125,000 per split
  • APAC South – $125,000 per split (2x increase in prize pool from 2023)

The ALGS Year 4 season is set to start on November 25-27 with pre-season qualifiers. ALGS Pro League will begin on January 20, 2024, followed by Challengers Circuit Split 1 on February 3.