Fnatic Round Up Halo Roster With Suppressed And Artic

Fnatic have announced changes to its Halo Infinite roster on Thursday, September 15, unveiling Donnie “Suppressed” Lopez and Uriah “Artic” Legoretta as the latest additions to the lineup.

Suppressed and Artic signed with the Black & Orange ahead of HCS Orlando Major, rounding up a new lineup, which Fnatic hopes will earn them better results.

Fnatic Complete Its Rebuilding Process

Fnatic have finalized its Halo division rebuilding process on Thursday, with the signing of Suppressed and Artic, who rounded up the new-look lineup. The roster changes come just a couple of weeks after the departure of Abel “Rammyy” Garcia, who left the team at the start of September.

Rammyy was the final departure of the team, nearly a month after Fnatic waved goodbye to Torez “Envore” Broyles, Chase “SuperCC” Cavuto, and coach Casey “Strobe” Hebert, who got cut from the active lineup in August. The trio were also the first three players to leave Fnatic’s Halo division following the organization’s re-entry into the competitive scene for the HCS.

Although Fnatic decided to make drastic roster changes, those hardly came as a surprise for the fans, given Fnatic’s lack of success this season.

To fill in the gaps, Fnatic acquired Suppressed and Artic to replace SuperCC and Rammyy, as well as coach Mason “Neighbor” Cobb, who will take over for Strobe at the helm of the team.

A Promising New Lineup

The addition of Suppressed, Artic, and Neighbor makes a lot of sense for Fnatic, who got its hands on some of the top players and a highly experienced coach, who should help the organization bounce back following uninspiring performances in the North American division.

Notably, Fnatic decided to sign Suppressed and Artic following a three-week period of trials, which the team stated included approximately ten candidates. Yet, in the end, Fnatic settled on Suppressed and Artic, who joined the team with previous experience competing together – as teammates at XSET.

Suppressed started his professional career in January 2022 and is one of the least experienced players competing in the Halo Championship Series (HCS). But despite his lack of success, the NA player has proven his worth as a member of XSET and Spacestation, achieving reasonable success over the year.

Notably, he has helped XSET claim two Open Series silver medals, placed top-eight at Nissan FaZe Clan Halo Invitational, and ninth-12th at HCS Major Kansas City 2022. Since joining Spacestation, Suppressed added three more Open Series finals appearances and a bronze medal from HCS North America Pro Series 2022-06-16.

Artic join s Fnatic with a bit more experience under his belt, having made his first appearance in competitive Halo in April 2017 when he signed for Wise Gaming. He has since played for CheckSix Gaming, Fyra Gaming, Elevate, Excelerate Gaming, Inconceivable, G2 Esports, and most recently XSET.

Over his career, Artic has not won a single major trophy, but he has seen some success in 2022 as a part of XSET lineup that won the HCS North America Open Series 2022-02-20 and added two silver medals in March. Since leaving XSET in June, however, Artic has not achieved much while competing for various stacks.

Qualifying For Worlds Is The Main Goal

Besides signing two promising players, Fnatic also added Halo veteran Neighbor, who made his first Halo esports appearance in June 2005.

Although his coaching experience is fairly limited – having coached just one team in Built by Gamers over the last four months – Neightbor has achieved a lot in his new role, helping BBG reach the top-six in two Open Series in June.

With a new coach and two players, Fnatic have set its eyes on a new goal – qualifying for Halo World Championship, a goal the organization is confident it can achieve. Stating it has formed one of the most competitive rosters Fnatic has ever had, the Black & Orange have set the bar high as they prepare for the season’s continuation.

After failing to qualify for the Orlando Major, which begins on September 23, Fnatic now have a bit more time to practice and get ready for their run through the open bracket for a chance to secure a spot at the World Championship.