Fortnite’s Winter Royale tournament returns with ​$15 million in prizes

Epic Games brings some hot betting opportunities to the cold weather, announcing the return of Arena Duos game mode in second Fortnite Winter Royale tournament. Following the success of last year’s Winter Royale, Epic is to hold even greater event.

According to official statement on Epic’s website, Fortnite’s Winter Royale 2019 Duos Tournament will take place over three days, starting on December 20 with a ​$5 million ​prize pool each day. That is a huge increase, in comparison with ​$1 million reward that players split in the ​initial Winter Royale last year, which was, however, a solo competition.

It’s important to note that different platforms will be split into different lobbies. There will not be any cross-platform play during the event, but instead the three lobbies will consist of: PC, Xbox/PS4 and Switch/Mobile/Touch.

The first day of the tournament will only award points to teams that either claim a Victory Royale or for killing opposing players. This will ensure the first day of the tournament is filled with intense firefights and ensure players go all-out to claim some hard earned points.

The second day of the competition will start to give points to teams regardless of their placement. Teams staving off elimination and placing higher up the ladder will of course earn more points, but in contrast to the day before, more points will be distributed. Kills will still give points as well, and will be vital to teams that want to finish high going into the final day.

The final day will only see the top 12 teams earning points in placements, so we will have an interesting contrast between the top teams playing safer and the lower teams putting it all on the line to try and claw their way into placement positions. Expect lots of gun fights and skyscrapers!

The massive reward for best players is still small, compared to the Fortnite World Cup that took stage in July this year and handed out $30 million in prizes, becoming a tournament with the second highest prize pool in esport history. The leader, for now, is Dota 2 with The International 9 tournament and total $34 million prize pool.

Bringing back Arena Duos is not the only change that will come with upcoming Winter Royale. To prevent unfairness, Duos will be platform – specific, and players of all ranks and from all over the world can attend. Prizes will also be fairly divided into several categories based on region and platform.