G2 Stride Wins RLCS Major

G2 Stride won the Rocket League Championship Series London Major 2024, and they made history in the process. While this team was expected to perform well at this event, this just isn’t typically a sport where teams from North America find success. 

G2 Stride put together a dominant run at the RLCS London Major 2024 as they became the first team from North America to win a tournament of this magnitude. This team finished in second place at Copenhagen earlier this year, and they made sure that they made the improvements to come away with a win this time around. 

North American teams have struggled to be competitive in all esports events, but it looks as if G2 Stride can continue to stack up wins moving forward. Things didn’t always go well for G2 Stride in the final matchup as Team Falcons were able to come away with a win in Game 1. 

While Team Falcons looked like they were headed to an upset win, it didn’t take long for G2 Stride to respond in a major way. In three of the other games that were played, Team Falcons didn’t even manage to score a single goal. 

G2 Stride did suffer a loss during the Swiss Stage to Team Falcons, but they were able to respond in a big way once the bracket play began. The large group of fans were hoping to see G2 Stride get upset in this tournament, but that wasn’t in the cards as they just continued to dominate. 

FURIA Surprises in This Event

Every international esports competition tends to come with some drama, and that was definitely the case at the RLCS London Major. The Swiss stage of this event produced a ton of drama and there were some early betting favorites that were sent home packing. 

One of the most surprising teams to reach the elimination stage was Team FURIA, and their surprising run didn’t stop there either. This team had the worst betting odds to win the tournament when bracket play began, but they then pulled off a massive upset. 

Team Vitality was the first opponent for FURIA in the quarterfinal stage, and the odds were favoring Vitality in a major way. Things started off well for Team Vitality, but that is where things ended up taking a major turn. 

FURIA responded in Game 1 in order to pick up a victory, and then ran off two straight wins as well. After a close matchup in Game 4, FURIA was able to eliminate Team Vitality to take away a big betting favorite from the event. 

Rocket League World Cup Coming

There was a major announcement made during the RLCS London Major, and it’s one that was received well by fans. FIFA has announced that the Rocket League World Cup is coming, and that should create another massive esports event. 

This will be the first event of its kind, and there aren’t many details that are known yet as to how things are going to work. FIFA is expected to release more information at at later date, and it’s going to be an event that produces some great drama. 

There will be 16 different countries included in this event, and that will be a major change from battling it out with different organizations. Most of the biggest countries are going to be included, but there could also be some smaller nations that are included. 

FIFAE is the esports arm of that organization and it has had success hosting other esports tournaments. This will be the first time that it moves away from soccer, but it could lead to other opportunities for this organization.