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Gonna Need Milk Launching New Fortnite Series

Gonna Need Milk just made a huge announcement in the world of Fortnite, and it’s one that is specifically geared for the female players. MilkPEP is a North American advertising agency and it launched this initiative to target the top female players of this popular game. 

The Milk Cup is the new name of this series, and it will award $250,000 to the top female Fortnite teams, but that prize money will be split between three events. This event will be open to teams from North American, and it will all wrap up with a LAN final.

There are some other esports leagues that have started to offer female only events, but nothing at this level. Gonna Need Milk is looking to transform the current landscape of esports, while also providing females with a chance to cash in like the men’s teams. 

Raidiant has been hired to put on the Milk Cup Series and it’s an organization that has a ton of experience in hosting Fortnite events. The first tournament is going to take place in May, and the other two will follow in June and July. 

Most of this action is going to be played online and that will allow teams from all over the country to battle it out. When it comes time for the grand championship, all of the qualifying teams will meet up at some point in the Fall.

The goal is that close to 400 females are going to take part in the series in some form, but that will depend on how many teams actually sign up to compete. Women of the eRena will actually host the tournament championship, and it’s an organization that has always been trying to provide equal rights to women. 

While some other esports leagues host specialized events in which women are the main focus, Fortnite is going to actually allow women to compete just like the men’s teams. 

Coachella x Fortnite Festival Coming

There was some other big news coming down the wire when it comes to Fortnite as the game will once again be collaborating with Coachella to launch a huge festival. Not only will the Coachella Music Festival take place as usual, that action is going to bleed over into the game as well. 

Doga Cat and Sabrina Carpenter are two of the headlining acts of this festival, but there will be other top performers in the mix as well. These two entities have worked together in the past, but nothing like what will be taking place later this year. 

The Fortnite Festival stage is going to be transformed to look like the actual stage that will be seen at Coachella. Some of the biggest Coachella jam tracks are going to be featured, and those hits will provide the background for play on Fortnite. 

This action is going to take place between April 11th and April 18th, and it will bring a new sense of excitement to the game. There will also be a new Coachella skin available on the game, and that will be a popular option. 

Proximity Chat Coming

The proximity chat feature is finally coming to Fortnite, and it will help put this game on the same level as other popular names such as Call of Duty. There could be some bumps along the way when the new feature is rolled out as Fortnite has never explored this function. 

Fortnite has always been worried about player safety with this feature as this game is geared for younger players. There will be a way to turn off this feature, and that might be an option that some parents want to do.