Interesting Updates to Fortnite

It’s pretty common for video games to come out with new updates often, and that is true in the esports industry as well. Fortnite is a game that doesn’t always get as much attention as some of the other esports events, but it’s still an extremely popular game. 

There have been a couple of exciting news stories surrounding Fortnite in the last few days, and one of them might have come up by accident. It was just last week that a random player found a way to build in Zero Build, and the game has now given the opportunity to every player. 

The developers of the game decided to include a glitch that could be found in the lobby, and players could then head into Zero Build mode in order to create things. There are still some steps that need to be taken in order to find the glitch, but Twitch streamers are putting out videos to let everyone in on the action. 

Chapter 5 Bug Creates New Opportunity

Everyone that plays Fortnite knows that the game has essentially been divided into two equal parts, giving players the chance to choose their own path. One part of the game is where players can simply build, while the Zero Build mode is where most of the action takes place. 

A player began sharing a bug that he found on Reddit showing that he was building in Zero Build, and it didn’t take long for everyone else to want to catch on. That player wasn’t able to pick up a win by building in Zero Build, but that is now the next step that everyone will be looking for. 

All it took was a simple emote in an interaction to unlock this new feature, and it seemed to be something that could be recreated. Fortnite Developers have always include strange bugs or glitches in a way to keep players searching, but this was one that could impact how matches play out. 

Since word was spreading quickly, the Zero Build mode option was simply added to the lobby so that it was available to everyone. 

All About Pandora’s Box

The new Pandora’s Box event has created a huge stir with the game, and it was that update that allowed for building in Zero Build mode as well. In order to get the option to build in Zero Build mode, players will need to use the Pandora Tornado in order to pass through to the other side. 

After passing through the volcano in the new update, players will have the option to resume their building in the Zero Build portion of the game. It might seem like it’s way too easy for this new glitch to work, but players have been sharing videos of this all over social media and streams. 

The developers have seemed to make it to where there are only a limited number of builds available, and that keeps players from taking over the game with this new glitch. 

Pandora’s Box a Big Hit

Fortnite typically launches new events for one single day, and then players flock to the game in order to play that new option. That wasn’t the case with the new Pandora’s Box update as players could see that it was coming quickly. 

It was actually the players that were able to unlock this new event as it was immediately launched when the damage hit 5 trillion. There were signs that this was coming, but no one knew just how much damage was needed. 

It will take some time before all of the features of Pandora’s Box are unveiled, but it will add some more excitement to this game.