Last 4 Spots in RLCS World Championship Playoffs Up For Grabs

Last 4 Spots in RLCS World Championship Playoffs Up For Grabs

The best Rocket League teams in the world have traveled to Germany to participate in the Rocket League World Championships. The Group Stage has already provided so many exciting and intense matches of virtual car football that fans everywhere can barely hold their excitement for the Playoffs Stage, where the competition is sure to heat up.

Every team wants the title of Rocket League World Champion, and the pressure is only going to continue to mount. You can catch all of the action on Twitch and YouTube.

The First Four

Team BDS, Team Liquid, Gen.G Mobil1 Racing, and Team Vitality are the first four teams to qualify out of the Group Stage and into the Playoffs. All four teams played through their Group Stage brackets with a clean record. Team Liquid had the most trouble giving up five games of the four.

Team BDS and Gen.G Mobil1 Racing both only gave up three, while Team Vitality looked the most deadly going a clean 4-0. Regardless of the ease of their tournament so far, they have a definite advantage not having to stress about Lower Bracket matches.

KRU Esports vs. Team Falcons

KRU Esports will battle with Team Falcons for one of the final spots out of Group A. KRU Esports has had a decent tournament starting off their run with a 4-3 win over Ninjas in Pyjamas. They’d then have a close 2-4 loss to Team Liquid.

Team Falcons started their tournament run with a 2-4 loss to Team BDS but were able to bounce back in the Lower Bracket Quarterfinal, taking down Team Secret 4-1.

Karmine Corp vs. Complexity Gaming

On the other side of Group A, Karmine Corp, and Complexity will compete to be the last team to qualify for playoffs. Complexity Gaming started their tournament with an absolute heater against Team Liquid. Though they fell 3-4, they didn’t let their mentality get shaken and played another lights-out match against Ninjas in Pyjamas, this time winning 4-2.

Karmine Corp, on the other hand, started out hot with a 4-1 win over Team Secret; however, they got dominated by Team BDS 1-4 in the Upper Bracket Semifinals to send them to the Lower Bracket.

Spacestation vs. Rule One

Spacestation and Rule One will be fighting for one of the last two spots out of Group B. Spacestation is another one of those teams that got out of the gate quickly, taking down FaZe Clan in a dominant 4-1 win. Unfortunately for them, their next match was against the red-hot Team Vitality, who won 4-1.

Rule One got crushed in their opener against G2 Esports in a devastating 1-4 match. They regathered themselves and would go on to beat Twisted Minds in a tough Lower Bracket match 4-3.

G2 Esports vs. Moist Esports

G2 Esports and Moist Esports both fell to teams that are now in Playoffs and will now seek a win to be the last representative out of Group B. G2 started their tournament with a great 4-1 win over Rule One before being decimated by Gen.G Mobil1 Racing 4-1.

Moist Esports had the misfortune of having to start their tournament against Team Vitality, who destroyed them 4-0. They were able to bounce back against FaZe Clan in the lower bracket 4-2.

Both teams still have plenty of Rocket League that they want to play the only question is who will get the opportunity to keep their tournament hopes alive.