Lelis Leaves Quincy Crew

Lelis Leaves Quincy Crew

Lelis has announced his departure from Quincy Crew on Sunday, October 17, following the team's failed attempt to win The International 10.

Rodrigo “Lelis” Santo has announced his departure from Quincy Crew Dota 2 team on Sunday, October 17, following the team’s failed attempt to win The International 10. The Dota 2 esports star has revealed the news on his Twitter account.

The Inevitable post-TI10 Roster Changes

Like any year before, the post-The International period sees several roster changes, and one of the biggest stories to date is Lelis’ departure from Quincy Crew. The team were one of North America’s top performers over the years; however, despite their success, QC will initiate major roster changes ahead of the 2022 season.

The roster move, while a big one, doesn’t come off as a surprise. The team manager, Jack Chen, has already hinted at major roster moves earlier last week.

“It’s hard typing these words, but there will be significant changes to Quincy Crew,” said Chen.

“Most of us have been together for a while, and it’s time for people to explore other opportunities. There are no hard feelings; no one is being kicked, it’s just time to see what else is out there.”

The decision comes after Quincy Crew placed ninth-12th at The International 10, following a 0-2 loss against OG in the lower bracket. Although QC weren’t expected to go all the way, the NA Dota 2 esports team hoped to do better.

QC’s expectations were high due to their domestic dominance, placing second and first in seasons one and two of 2021 Dota Pro Circuit (DPC). However, despite QC’ domestic success over the years, the team regularly failed to show up internationally.

Lelis Out of QC

Lelis left QC on Sunday, leaving the team with only four active members. Although an unexpected departure, Lelis decided to leave and has not been kicked from the group.

“The team ending/disbanding was something inevitable, at least in my eyes, since we grinded for two years for TI and got a relatively bad placement. Our performance at TI was a bit lacklustre, especially in the group stage, but we managed to crawl out of the dumpster and collect some wins in the end,” said Lelis.

“It wasn’t all that bad, and some teams would have probably crumbled in our situation. I am very proud and happy we managed to pull through and survive the groups and win our bo1.”

As revealed by the 24-year-old, he is not ready to leave the Dota 2 esports scene just yet; however, he will take some time to evaluate his options. Whether that means that he will transition to a coaching role or continue his journey with another team remains to be seen.

“TI was a wonderful experience for me and I am very happy to have reached my goal/objective of getting to compete at TI,” added Lelis.

“Of course, I would like to win and hold the Aegis, but that’s another step … As for now we are parting ways on QCY, and I am evaluating my best options.”

Lelis was a part of Quincy Crew since March 2020, when he joined the team after a successful stint as a stand-in. He has since played a crucial role in the team’s success story, but the time has come for Lelis to chase new opportunities.

Quincy Crew Aim High For 2022

Despite their early exit from TI10, the North American Dota 2 esports team have done well this season. Since Lelis joined the team in 2020, Quincy Crew emerged as the second-best NA team, behind only Evil Geniuses.

They have consistently done well in domestic competitions, even in 2021. Even though their only title came from Dota Pro Circuit 2021: S2 – North America Upper Division, QC have placed second in the first season.
However, QC fell flat in international competitions. That includes two fifth-sixth place finishes at WePlay AniMajor and the ESL One Summer 2021-10-18.

It remains to be seen who will replace Lelis in Quincy Crew or whether there will be more changes. However, one thing is for sure – QC will be a different team in the 2022 DPC season.