KOI Reveals Its 2023 EMEA Valorant Roster

More New Esports Partnerships Now Inked

The month of June has started off a bit slow in the esports world, but that hasn’t stopped some big partnerships from being inked. This is nothing new in the esports world, but these partnerships are what continue to push the industry forward. 

Some major esports organizations have been looking to secure new deals to help with finances, while others are just trying to keep pace. Here is a look at three of the most recent esports news stories that will impact things moving forward. 

ESIC/IOC Now Working Together

The Esports Integrity Commission (ESIC) has joined forced with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to try to combat misconduct in esports. These two organizations have announced a letter of collaboration as they aim to ensure that there are no bad practices taking place. 

There have been some recent cases of misconduct by teams and organizations, and that’s something that the IOC has been good at detecting. Since esports is now a popular industry when it comes to betting, there is more pressure than ever to keep this from happening. 

Match fixing continues to be a concern in sporting events throughout the world, and that has spilled over into esports. While esports are not an Olympic event at this time, there is still a common interest in protecting the integrity of sport. 

The IOC has been working to get more involved with the esports industry, and at some point there will be a dedicated event to this industry. The Olympic Esports Games are currently in the works, but several steps still need to be taken. 

There will be an Esports World Cup taking place later this year, and that will provide players from around the world a chance to compete against one another. While the IOC won’t try to replicate that event, it could be a good idea of how an Olympic Esports Games would eventually operate. 

SK Gaming Getting New Headquarters

SK Gaming is a German Esports organization, and it was recently able to land a massive partnership. This organization is teaming up with electronics company Sony, and that is going to allow for them to build a new headquarters. 

The new headquarters will be in Cologne, Germany, and Sony is going to furnish the new location with state-of-the-are electronics. This headquarters actually opened up on May 28th, but SK Gaming was looking for a way to make improvements. 

This will be extremely important for SK Gaming as they will be looking to produce new live video content. Organizations are always looking to grow their brand and increase fan support, and that’s the case with this new partnership. 

SK Gaming has seen tremendous growth over the last 25+ years as the organization was first founded back in 1997. It now competes in many different esports leagues, including League of Legends and VALORANT

Sony is not a stranger to getting involved in the esports industry as it has already announced many partnerships of late. It has partnered with the ESports World Cup Foundation, and that has allowed that tournament to get going. 

New Facility in Croatia

ESports is certainly something that is enjoyed throughout the world, and that includes the country of Croatia. A brand new gaming campus is going to be built in Novska, and funding is going to be done by the Croatian Government. 

There will be an esports venue built on the site that will include 4,000 seats, and that will allow the country to host upcoming events. This is still in the very early stages of development, but it should lead to more organizations coming from that company.