OpTic Enters Professional Apex Scene

OpTic Enters Professional Apex Scene

OpTic Gaming entered the professional Apex Legends scene with the signing of Dude's Night Out, the former Esports Arena roster.

OpTic Gaming entered the professional Apex Legends scene with the signing of Dude’s Night Out, the former Esports Arena roster. The news surfaced on Thursday, April 28, when OpTic unveiled the signing of one of the hottest Apex Legends rosters on the market.

The Green Wall Acquires One Of The Top Apex Rosters

OpTic Gaming announced the signing of Ira “dooplex” Shepherd, William “Skittlecakes” August, and Logan “Knoqd” Layou as the inaugural members of its Apex roster. Considered by many to be one of the top teams in Apex Legends, Dooplex and Skittlecakes are mostly known for their success in the Esports Arena Series E.

While the duo were a part of the Team Intel, they achieved immense success, and they quickly got picked up by Esports Arena, with who they signed a contract in October 2021.

Esports Arena got off to a slow start, as they weren’t invited to participate in the ALGS Pro League. Instead, they had to earn their spot in the tournament through the open qualifiers.

And not only had Esports Arena made it through the qualifiers, but the team went on to dominate the league. Unfortunately, this turned around and bit the team, as Dooplex and Skittlecakes’ teammate Verhulst got poached by TSM, leaving Esports Arena with a huge void to fill.

In the end, Dooplex and Skittlecakes teamed up with former Cloud9 player Knoqd, in what seemed like a risky move, but one that started a new era.

Dooplex, Skittlecakes, and Knoqd had a rough start together as the team stumbled at the end of Pro League and finished third. However, things looked much different in the second split.

Esports Arena would go on and dominate the league, and they dominantly won the second Pro League. As a result, the squad got the tag as one of the main favorites to win the Stockholm LAN, and they now also received contracts with one of the top esports organizations in the world.

OpTic Enters Apex Legends

OpTic Gaming is a prominent esports organization that has achieved immense success across several esports titles. Although mostly known for its success in the Call of Duty esports scene, OpTic also fielded rosters in League of Legends and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Nowadays, OpTic no longer sports a CS:GO or a LoL team, but we will get to see the easily-recognizable logo appear in the Apex esports scene on the jerseys of one of the best Apex trio in the world.

“Very excited to add this team to our organization,” said OpTic co-owner Mike “hastr0” Rufail.

“The Greenwall has an Apex Legends team playing on the world stage in Sweden this weekend, welcome Knoqd, SkittleCakes, and Dooplex”.

The NA organization had a chance to enter the professional Apex before, but the organization seemed to have made the right call to wait to acquire the former Esports Arena players.

OpTic Gaming is currently competing at the Apex Legends Global Series: Split 2 Playoffs, which kicked off on Friday, April 29. The tournament will feature 40 Apex Legends esports teams and a mouth-watering $1 million prize pool.

The event will take place over three days, starting with the group stage, followed by the bracket stage, and concluding on Sunday, May 1, with the Finals, which will feature the remaining 20 teams who will compete in a Match Point format. The team teams advancing from the winners’ bracket will be seeded based on their placement in the winners’ bracket and will start with advance starting points.

The Apex Legends Global Series: Split 2 Playoffs champions will receive $250,000 in tournament winnings. Meanwhile, the runner-up team will pocket a $150,000 consolation prize.