OWL Eastern Play-In Tournament Set to Begin

The Overwatch League 2023 Playoffs are quickly approaching, with the Western Play-In bracket having started last week.

This week, the four Eastern Overwatch League teams who have failed previously to qualify for Playoffs will get one last chance to earn a spot by way of the Play-Ins tournament.

The Shanghai Dragons, Dallas Fuel, Seoul Dynasty, and Guangzhou Charge will all participate in a best-of-five double-elimination style bracket to determine who will join the Hangzhou Spark and Seoul Infernal at the Overwatch League Playoffs and keep their dreams of being World Champions alive.

Shanghai Dragons vs. Dallas Fuel

  • When: Friday, September 15th – 4 AM ET
  • Odds: Shanghai Dragons (+400) vs. Dallas Fuel (-650)

The Eastern Play-Ins kicks off with the Shanghai Dragons taking on the Dallas Fuel. Dallas ended the Regular Season as the second-best team in the East with a 9-4 match record and beating out the Hangzhou Spark in tiebreakers. Their first match in the Knockout Stage went as planned, with Dallas taking down Sin Prisa Gaming in an easy 3-1 match.

They’d then fall to the top team in the East, the Seoul Infernal, in a 3-1 match. Even though they’d bounce back in the Lower Bracket against O2 Blast, they still were no match for the Seoul Infernal, who they’d lose to in the Bracket B Grand Finals.

The Shanghai Dragons have had a very disappointing year so far, ending the regular season with a 5-8 record, netting them 7th in the regular season. Their tournament run during the Knockout Stage was embarrassing as they lost their opening match to Sin Prisa Gaming in a 3-2 match before being swept 3-0 by O2 Blast in the opening round of the Lower Bracket.

The expectations for this team are remarkably low, which will make the upset that much better if they’re able to pull it off.

Guangzhou Charge vs. Seoul Dynasty

  • When: Friday, September 15th – 5:30 AM ET
  • Odds: Guangzhou Charge (+180) vs. Seoul Dynasty (-240)

Guangzhou Charge will take on the Seoul Dynasty in the second match of the Eastern Play-In tournament. Guangzhou Charge ended the Regular Season with a 5-8 record, which put them in 6th place in the Eastern Standings.

Their Knockout Stage was a mixed bag. They started with a 3-1 win over Poker Face before losing a very close 3-2 match with Hangzhou Spark in the Upper Bracket Finals. Ultimately, their hopes of winning Bracket A would end with a 3-1 loss to the Dreamers in the Losers Bracket Finals.

The Seoul Dynasty had a very similar season to the Guangzhou Charge, ending the Regular Season with a 6-7 record and taking the 5th spot in the Eastern Overwatch League Standings. Their run-through Bracket A of the Eastern Knockout Stage was eerily similar to the Charge’s as well. They started with a 3-0 win over Rhodes in the Upper Bracket.

They then had to face off with the Hangzhou Spark, who beat them 3-1 before Dreamers eliminated them from the Knockout Stage with a 3-0 sweep.

Even though the two teams had similar seasons and the same outcomes in the Knockout Stage, oddsmakers believe that the Seoul Dynasty is the team heading in with a sizable advantage.

With the season on the line for all teams involved, you can expect some great games of Overwatch as the Eastern teams fight to keep their dreams of being OWL Champions alive.