PaulEhx Steps Away From Competitive CoD

PaulEhx Steps Away From Competitive CoD

One of London Royal Ravens’ latest additions, Paul “PaulEhx” Avila, has announced he is taking a break from competitive Call of Duty. The 20-year-old unveiled the news on Friday, January 6, just over two months after joining London Royal Ravens in the Call of Duty League.

PaulEhx Takes A Break

In a Twitlonger post, posted on Friday, January 6, PaulEhx announced that he would be taking a break from competitive Call of Duty in a bid to improve as a person and a teammate.

“Hey guys I wanted to let you all know I need some time to find my footing in life again if I want to progress. This is me stepping away from social media and from competing until I feel that I am the best person and teammate I possibly can be,” said PaulEhx.

“I am still a part of London as their substitute, and I have their back like I know they have mine. They have been nothing but supportive of me in this situation. Thank you to everyone who supports me. I hope you will continue to support me through my journey. I’ll be back better than ever.”

The announcement came after rumors suggested that London Royal Ravens would replace PaulEhx with Matthew “Skrapz” Marshall. In the end, PaulEhx confirmed the swap.

This ends PaulEhx’s short stint with the Royal Ravens, who he joined in October 2022, shortly after leaving New York Subliners. Throughout the two months he has spent with the Royal Ravens, PaulEhs has appeared in four CoD events but hasn’t achieved much.

A Short And Fairly Unsuccessful Stint

PaulEhc joined Royal Ravens in October 2022 alongside Obaid “Asim” Asim, formerly of Los Angeles Guerrillas. The duo teamed up with Byron “Nastie” Plumridge, Trei “Zer0” Morris, and Matthew “Skrapz” Marshall.

The new-look roster made its debut at CheckMate Gaming $4600 4v4 S&D Kickoff, where London Royal Ravens failed to impress and placed fifth-eighth. Things didn’t improve at CODAgent Prestige $2000 4v4 S&D, where the Royal Ravens finished ninth-16th.

After a short break, London Royal Ravens entered the first Call of Duty League event of the season but again failed to find traction. They found some success in the qualifiers but couldn’t place higher than top six.

Then in the Call of Duty League Major 1, London Royal Ravens again showcased their questionable synergy and lack of teamplay, as they struggled even against lesser teams. PaulEhx and his cred kicked off the event with a 0-3 loss against Seattle Surge and added a humiliating loss against Los Angeles Guerrillas Academy, who beat them 3-2 and eliminated Royal Ravens in 13th-16th place.

Given the team’s lack of success in the opening stages of the 2023 season, it makes sense for the team to make roster changes. However, not many expected that PaulEhx would be let go from the roster and put on the bench.

What’s Next For PaulEhx?

It’s currently unknown what PaulEhx’s plans for the future are, but for now, the 20-year-old will take a break from professional CoD and look to make a return once he feels he is ready. Still, while he was benched from London Royal Ravens, PaulEhx will likely not struggle to find a new home.

PaulEhx kicked off his professional CoD career in December 2018 with C2C Gaming and has since played for a plethora of teams, including UyU, WestR, Atlanta FaZe Academy, and New York Subliners.

He was also already a member of the London Royal Ravens between March and August 2021 before he left to play for Team WaR and New York Subliners, with who he won Call of Duty League 2022 – Pro-Am Classic and reached the finals of CSL Major 4 2022.

So even though PaulEhx has been struggling to find a permanent home, he has showcased his talent and will likely be a sought-after player once he decides to return to CDL.