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Portal Partnering with DOTA2

Portal has become the clear leader when it comes to next-gen gaming, and it just made a major announcement in the esports industry. This company has recently partnered with DOTA2, and Portal will be sponsoring a brand new global tournament that should draw a massive response. 

The growth of esports has brought about many popular new titles, but it’s impossible to forget just how big of a game DOTA2 is. Portal is trying to tap into the popularity, and potentially bring about some new energy with this game. 

There are some massive tournaments taking place throughout the world, but Portal is looking to add some new features that will make it a popular event. This event is going to be called the “Portal DOTA2 World Invitationals” and all of the action will take place from March 28 to March 31. 

While many of the esports tournaments are played in specific regions, that’s not going to be the case in this event. Teams from many different countries will be able to compete for a spot in this tournament, and there will be some massive prizes available. 

Best of the Best

Another thing that is going to set this tournament apart from the rest is the fact that only eight teams are going to have a chance to compete. All eight teams are going to receive some sort of cash prize, but the big money is going to go to the champion. 

The eight contending teams are going to be announced on the Portal Twitter account, and that is when the betting odds are going to be opened up as well. Teams will be competing for a chance to win $50,000 with the top prize, and all of the action can be livestreamed as well.

The total pool is going to be $100,000, and the winning team will claim 50% of that. Prizes decrease in a hurry, but the second place finisher will still claim $25,000. Teams that finish in 7th and 8th place will only be awarded $2,500, but those teams will still gain some serious exposure. 

This total prize pool is relatively small when comparing it to some of the other top tournaments, but Portal had to start somewhere. If this event is successful then it will likely lead to bigger events in the future, and more teams will be invited at some point. 

Some Extra Features

DOTA2 is an extremely popular game of its own, and the top teams would be signing up to compete at this big event. While the actual DOTA2 action is expected to be played, Portal is going to be adding in some features to make things a bit more exciting. 

Portal Chests are going to be available throughout the four days of the event, and there will be exclusive DOTA2 in-game items available. DOTA2 players that are looking to purchase these items will be able to do so at $PORTAL.

This is one of the ways that Portal is going to be trying to stand out from the pack as fans of the game can also get involved. These Portal Chests will continue collectible items, or other items that can be used by casual DOTA2 players. 

According to statistics, more than 50 million daily active users are playing DOTA2, and this game has been one of the biggest in terms of revenue. Portal will eventually be looking to cash in through this partnership, but offering this tournament is only a small step.

All of the major platforms will offer live streams of this event, with the top streams being available on YouTube and Twitch.