Random ESports News to End the Week

It’s been a busy week when trying to keep track of the top esports news events, and there are a couple of other interesting notes to close out the week. Esports is an industry that just never seems to stop growing, and everyone continues to try to get involved. 

There will be some great esports action taking place throughout the month of June, many tournaments or leagues will begin next week. Before we get to that point, here is a look at some interesting news stories from Thursday and Friday. 

Man City Opens New Stadium

This headline is a bit misleading as this has nothing to do with the popular Football Club, Manchester City. Instead, the Man City Esports organization has just announced that it will be opening up a new facility in the Etihad Stadium. 

Man City Esports is actually affiliated with the popular football club, and that’s a trend that has really taken off with other teams over in Europe as well. This brand new facility is less than a mile from the City Centre, and it should allow the team to become more competitive moving forward. 

Not only will the top EA FC players get to play in this facility, but the organization’s top Fortnite players will also be housed there. Most of the time this facility will be used for practices, but players will also be able to make content that should help grow the fan base. 

Matches are also going to be held in the new facility, and that is something that other clubs are going to be looking to add as well. As an added bonus, there are large windows in the facility that will allow the esports players to check out the action on the pitch below. 

Man City Esports just won the ePremier League, and the football club looks like it will be securing the Premier League title as well. EA FC is starting to become just as competitive as the action on the pitch, and there have been some great rivalries that are developing throughout the sport. 

While the main reason for this new facility is to benefit the Man City Esports FC team, the Fortnite players are making some noise as well. That group of players just recently qualified for the FCNS Global Championship, and this will give them a great opportunity to train. 

FFXIV PVP Community Hosting a Final Tournament

Final Fantasy XIV is a game that many players in that part of the esports world have been looking forward to, and there is a big event coming soon. Dawntrail is the FFXIV event that will attract the top players in the world, but there is actually going to be an interesting event taking place prior to that. 

The FFXIV PvP Revival Group is going to be hosting Revival Rivals as a way to say goodbye to that type of gaming action before Dawtrail. This will be a Crystalline Conflict style event, and it will be the last of it’s kind before a new expansion pack is released. 

There were a number of big events held in 2023 that celebrated the Crystalline Conflict release, and most of those events were extremely popular. Many in this sport are sad to see that action ended, and that is why the Revival Group is taking advantage with one final tournament. 

This event is going to take place on June 15th and 16th, and a number of great teams have already signed up to compete. The winner of this event will get to lay claim to winning the final tournament before the game shifts.