RLCS 2024: Major 2 Underway

The Rocket League Championship Series has two major events that take place throughout the year, and Major 2 just got going in London. 16 teams had to qualify for the right to participate in the second major of the year, and it’s a loaded field as expected. 

The Copper Box Arena in London is hosting this event, and there will be a championship named on June 23rd. This is actually a big change for fans that follow the RLCS closely as there are usually more than two major tournaments. 

Not only are teams going to be trying to win this event, but every single match matters for every team in this tournament. Points are awarded throughout the year, and reaching the Rocket League World Series is the ultimate goal.

A total of $255,000 will be handed out at this event, and the money is going to be split among the top teams. There is a group stage that begins the action, and that is currently taking place in London. 

Eventually the top teams are going to be placed in a bracket, and that is where the best matches are going to take place. Not only are there some great ways to follow along with the action, but you can also find some great betting options to explore. 

Some Early Favorites

Betting on esports just continues to become more and more popular, and there is some real value in getting in on the action. While the odds are pretty tight for most teams in this event, there are a few teams that you would have to consider as the betting favorites. 

Team BDS has been the betting favorite since the odds came out, and they are currently sitting at +400 to win the RLCS 2024: Major 2. If this team is not able to come away with a win, there are two other teams that are more than willing to step up. 

G2 Stride and Team Vitality both have odds set at +500 to win this event, and those are two teams that have already had some success throughout the year. Gentle Mates Alpine comes into this tournament at +600, and they have been an interesting team to follow. 

If you are planning to bet on this tournament then it would be wise to bet on one of the teams listed above. There have been some surprising results already this year though, and that’s why you need to check out the odds for every team.

The Rest of the Odds

The odds don’t really fall off much in this event, and that just speaks to how competitive all of the teams have been so far this season. Gen.G is always a team that seems to be ready to compete, and they are one of the teams with odds set at +900. 

FURIA ESports is another team with odds at +900, and then the next odds are all the way down at +1200. OG and Team Falcons are both sitting at that mark, and there is some value in looking at those two teams. 

Spacestation Gaming has odds sitting at +1400 ahead of this tournament, and then Team Secret is next on the list at +1600. From there, you are really going to start getting into the teams that are considered longshots to win. 

  • PWR +2800
  • Twisted Minds +4000
  • Chief Esports Club +5000
  • Gaimin Gladiators +8000
  • Team Mobula +10000

It’s going to be important to follow the betting odds throughout this event as they will start to change based on what takes place. By the time the bracket play starts, there could be some teams removed from the list completely.