Odds to Win the RLCS European Major: Winter Tournament

Odds to Win the RLCS European Major: Winter Tournament

On February 20, twelve of the top European RLCS teams will compete in the winter tournament for a total purse of $100,000.

Professional Esports Rocket League is trying something new. Instead of featuring a Bi-annual season and league play, Rocket League will compete within an open circuit. Regional teams will compete in three major tournaments Spring, Fall, and Winter, leading into an international major tournament.

On February 20, twelve of the top European RLCS teams will compete in the winter tournament for a total purse of $100,000. In addition to prize money, winning teams will earn RLCS Circuit Points which establish the European ranking for future international major tournaments.

Currently, Team BDS (1052 points) leads the European Ranks, followed by Giants Gaming (750), and Top Blokes (641 points). The Rocket League tournament championship will be played February 21.

RLCS European Major Tournament Structure

The tournament is a double-elimination bracket where the top four teams will skip the first round with a bye. Any team that loses will have to battle through the loser’s bracket until finally reaching the championship series.

All Rocket League matches up to the quarterfinals will be best-of-5. All matches beyond will be best-of-7. In the Grand Finals, the team from the loser’s bracket will have to win two matches in order to secure the championship.

The winner will receive $36,000 and 802 Rocket League Circuit Points. A win here could solidify any team’s place in the international major tournament.

Odds to Win the RLCS European Major

Here is a look at the teams with the best odds to win the 2021 RLCS European Major from BetWay:

  • Team BDS: 3.2
  • Giants Gaming: 6.0
  • Vitality: 7.0
  • Team Blokes: 8.0
  • Team Queso: 10.0
  • Dignitas: 11.0
  • Oxygen Esports: 14.0
  • Guild Esports: 16.0
  • Galaxy Racer: 17.0
  • Redemption: 17.0
  • Endpoint: 18.0
  • Team Singularity: 21.0

RLCS Team Analysis

Team BDS (+320): Currently this team leads the European league with 1052 Rocket League Circuit Points. Team BDS has been almost unstoppable the past few months. Most notably, Team BDS placed 1st in the EU Fall Major.

Giants Gaming (6-1): Ranked second in Europe with 750 Rocket League Circuit Points. They managed to leap-frog many other teams with a strong showing at the Winter Regional 3. If they keep their momentum, Giants Gaming has a good shot at winning this tournament.

Team Vitality (7-1): Currently ranked 5th with 530 Rocket League Circuit Points. Vitality might be a little over-projected by the sportsbooks in this tournament. They placed second in the EU Fall Major but haven’t won a tournament since last spring.

Team Blokes (8-1): Ranked 3rd with 641 Rocket League Circuit Points. They should be ranked higher, but the Blokes had an awful showing at the Winter Regional 3. Bettors should be cautious with this team as their wins are far and few between.

Team Queso (10-1): Ranked 4th with 560 Circuit points. Team Queso recently formed in 2020. They finished second in the Winter Regional 2, but have been sliding back ever since. Team Queso is unpredictable as the team is still in its freshman year.

About Rocket League: Rocket League is a fun and creative game that mixes auto-racing and football (soccer). Players use a “rocket car” to bounce a ball into an opponent’s goal. Each match is timed and the team with the highest score wins. It’s simplicity and creativity can mesmerize audiences and be enjoyed by people of all ages.

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