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Some Big Esports News Updates

Since the esports industry is one that never seems to slow down, it can be extremely easy to miss some of the most important news updates. There are also some big events currently taking place, and that takes the focus away from some of the most general news. 

Valorant is one of the games that is currently receiving much of the attention, but there are other massive events being played as well. Even while those events are going on, there have been some other companies that are looking to make some other moves. 

The esports World Cup is also going to be coming later this year, and some more news and information has been released about this massive event. 

PGL-Perfect World Have Agreement

PGL and Perfect World recently announced a new partnership and that’s going to change the way that esports events are hosted and viewed worldwide. While these two companies don’t deal with all of the top games, they are both in the mix when it comes to Counter-Strike and Dota 2

Through this partnership, PGL is going to be producing all of the tournaments that are run by Perfect World, and it should add to the overall experience for both players and fans. PGL is not going to have the power to produce events worldwide though as Perfect World is still going to be in charge of the events that take place in China. 

This initial agreement is going to run through 2026, although it could ultimately be extended to cover future years. While Dota 2 will see some improvements, the biggest change is going to come with the Counter-Strike 2 events. 

Both companies already do some extensive work when it comes to that game, and this new partnership will only make those productions better. It’s not going to be long before these changes are seen as the two companies will work together for the PGL Copenhagen Major. 

There will be 24 of the best teams in the world set to compete at this event, and it’s going to set the stage for the BLAST World Finals to be held later in 2024. Even though both of these games have been extremely popular with fans, it started to appear as if a change was definitely needed. 

The first time that Perfect World will be on its own in 2024 will come all the way in December as there is a massive tournament to be played in China. 

Esports World Cup Announced New Games

The first ever Esports World Cup is coming in 2024, and this is going to be a celebration of everything that is great about this industry. This is going to be a celebration of everything that is great about esports, and some very popular games are going to be played. 

All of the action is going to be taking place in July, and many of the top esports players in the world have already cleared their schedule to compete. Dota 2 is going to be one of the featured games, but there will also be a heavy focus on mobile games. 

Most of the games are going to be first person shooter games, but there will be a chance for other players to show off their skills. Counter-Strike 2 will be another popular addition to this event, but there will be some international flair as well. 

Leaders of the Esports World Cup have made it clear that more sports are going to be coming at some point, but it’s already an impressive list. Honor of Kings and Rainbow 6 are two other games that are confirmed for this event.