Last 4 Spots in RLCS World Championship Playoffs Up For Grabs

Some Big Rocket League News Announced

WIth so many big esports events taking place, it can be easy to overlook the great action that takes place on Rocket League throughout the year. It was as if developers and leaders of that league knew that was taking place, and it decided to make some major announcements. 

First, the Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS) Major 1 format was announced, and now we have the location for the next big event. These major events is when the top players and teams in the world gather, and it creates some terrific matchups and drama. 

Even if esports fans are currently looking elsewhere at this point in 2024, these are two events that will generate a ton of attention. Here is a look at some of those big news stories and how they will impact some great Rocket League action. 

RLCS Major 1 Format

The RLCS Major 1 will take place in Copenhagen, and the top players in this sport have already made their way to that country. All of the action is set to begin on March 28th, and it won’t take long at all before a winner is crowned. 

A total prize pool of $255,000 is going to be up for grabs, and some team will walk away with a massive prize on March 31 at the K.B. Hallen Arena in Copenhagen. Even though the event is set to begin this weekend, there are still some spots that are up for grabs as well. 

Just 16 teams will be given the opportunity to come away with the top prize, and Karmine Corp is one of the early betting favorites. Regional rankings determine what teams can compete at this major, and also how they will be grouped throughout the competition. 

Swiss stage action is going to take place throughout the first three days of this competition, and all 16 teams will be involved. When the playoffs begin on March 31, there will be just eight teams that are competing in a bracket-style format to determine the winner. 

A live audience will be in attendance to check out the great RLCS action, and the bracket play will be a best-of-seven format. Betting odds have been set for the action as well, and those odds will be updated throughout the entire event. 

RLCS Major 2 Heading to London

Even before the action at the RLCS Major 1 gets underway, we now know where the second major of the year is going to be played. The RLCS Major 2 is going to be taking place in September, and the top teams in this sport are going to be heading to London. 

This is the first time that London has hosted a major esports event since it hosted the Spring Split Major back in 2021-22. Not only has the location been set, but fans now know that the event will be held from June 20-23. 

There have been some great Rocket League teams from London, and those teams will all be looking to qualify to get to their home country. 

Other Big Events

The United Kingdom has been passed over in the past when looking at the biggest locations to host major esports events. That’s not the case anymore as it’s going to be a busy year in the UK when it comes to esports. 

The League of Legends 2024 World Championship will be taking place in London, and that’s an event that will generate plenty of excitement. The DOTA 2 ESL is also going to be taking place in the UK as it has been scheduled for Birmingham. 

Since the UK has been largely ignored in the past, you can expect to see some massive crowds available this time around.