The first Super Smash Bros. World Tour to be held in 2020

Update: Due to COVID-19, all Platinum and Gold events in March and April have been cancelled. Only Silver opt-in events remain active.

The Super Smash Bros. community has taken a matter of competitive scene into their own hands, announcing The Smash World Tour in 2020. Discontented with lack of Nintendo’s support in eSports, VGBootCamp in collaboration with and Twitch introduced an unofficial tournament series for both Ultimate and Melee. Their goal is to help unify events in Smash community and take them to the next level.

The international series will hold over 25 events around the world with combined $250,000 prize pool, making it not only the first Smash circuit of this size, but first actual tournament circuit, similar to structures in other competitive fighting games like Tekken or Street Fighter. The Smash World Tour will take place from March 13 until November 22 and will lead into Smash World Tour Championships on December 17.

More events are yet to be announced, as the league still offers opt-ins. Those tournaments that meet the criteria can become an official Tour events.

Over 10 months, players will compete in larger Smash events but also local weeklies to earn points and ranks on official leaderboard. Ranks will be split into Gold, Silver and Platinum tiers and will determine tiers of individual events. The best 31 players, plus the winner of the Last Chance Qualifier, will advance to the finals and be split into four groups of 8. Winners of double elimination brackets from each group will have secured a spot in Grand finals.

Even though Nintendo isn’t involved in The Smash World Tour, its organisers expressed their hope for a future collaboration:

“As of now, The Smash World Tour is not associated or affiliated with Nintendo® or Nintendo of America® – though we hope to team up with them in the future!”

This can be potentially a great step ahead for Super Smash Bros. community and esports. Some players have already called out Nintendo for not helping with development of Smash competitive scene and the whole community is now curious about how Nintendo will react to this impulse and how will it help the game to grow.

Where to bet on the Smash Bros World Tour

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