Two Big eSports Events Wrap Up

There were two big esports events that wrapped up on Sunday, and that led to some big esports news stories. DreamLeague Season 23 saw some great Dota 2 action taking place online, and the top Rainbow Six teams were also battling it out. 

The Esports World Cup will make its debut later on in the year, but they are also some great events that have been going on during the month of May. Esports has become an industry that is dominated by some big organizations, and that was the case in at least one of these tournaments. 

Here is a look at some of those big events that ended on Sunday and other stories from each of those tournaments. 

Team Falcons Lead Dota 2 Teams

Team Falcons entered DreamLeague Season23 as one of the betting favorites, but they had some struggles along the way as well. This team was actually sent to the lower part of the bracket at one point, putting them one loss away from elimination. 

It didn’t take long for Team Falcons to get things back on track, and they were playing with a ton of momentum by the time that they entered the final of this event. There was no stopping them either as they swept the Gaimin Gladiators 3-0 to take home the title in this event. 

It was a day full of sweeps for Team Falcons as they swept the BetBoom Team in order to get into the title match. Gaimin Gladiators had some time to prepare for their final match, but they were not ready for what Team Falcons threw at them. 

Game 2 was actually a good battle between the teams, but team Falcons was able to come away with a grueling victory. Gaimin Gladiators have had their own struggles to begin 2024, but they were an elite team a season ago. 

This entire event saw some great action, but it was those that backed Team Falcons that were able to cash in. 

Beastcoast Wins R6 Major

Beastcoast is not a well known name in the world of esports, but that could be changing after what took place this past week. That team was able to get past a number of big betting favorites in order to win the Rainbow Six Major Manchester.

This team had never won a major tournament in this sport heading into this event, and they were not expected to win this one either. Taking on the betting favorite, BDS, Beastcoast put together a great performance to walk away with the title. 

Beastcoast wasn’t even a team until a few months ago, and they had to piece together this roster with castoffs from other organizations. Things came together much quicker than expected, and it has led to an impressive run in Manchester. 

Shaun “Gunnar” Pottorff was named the MVP of BLAST R6 Major as he led this team throughout this impressive run. While there were others that chipped in to contribute tot he win, Pottorff set the tone in every single matchup. 

Operation New Blood Unveiled

The competitive matchups at the R6 Major Manchester was only one of the biggest news stories as there was another impressive launch. Operation New Blood was officially unveiled, and it will be taking the place of Operation Deadly Omen moving forward. 

It’s nothing new for game developers to launch new iterations of a game, but that does always have an impact on how teams train and try to prepare for the biggest tournaments. Training and recruiting is going to be a major part of the new launch, and it should create more excitement moving forward.