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Unikrn and GRID Launch New ‘Esports Millions’ Contest

Esports bookmaker Unikrn has partnered with data provider GRID to launch a new contest titled ‘Esports Millions’

As you can guess from the name, Unikrn will be giving away €1 million (£903,759) during the upcoming 9to5 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournament. Unikrn happens to sponsor this upcoming event, so it’s a perfect opportunity for them to create this initiative. Esports Millions is a “free to play, live prediction game” and will see fans asked 10 questions over the next few weeks regarding the 9to5 tournament. The three highest scoring fans will win gaming computers, with any fan who has a flawless record winning the jackpot. 

Thomas Warburton, COO of GRID spoke about the contest. He said

“We aimed at encapsulating the excitement of a high stakes wager and combining it with friendly competition. As fans, we love to look at esports and contest the next breakout stars, ESPORTS MILLIONS hopes to take the significance of the fans’ opinion to a whole new level. We could not think of a better partner to help us premiere ESPORTS MILLIONS than Unikrn.”

The 9to5 event starts on June 29th and will see teams such as MIBR, North, Team Spirit and Godsent all in attendance. Along with recent Home Sweet Home Cup winners Endpoint.

Karl Flores, CPO and CMO of Unikrn also spoke on the new initiative:

“Million dollar prize pools are commonplace in esports, but this is the first time esports fans could become millionaires themselves. We host a hyper-engaged community of esports fans. Pairing GRID’s data-driven questions, our customers’ prowess, and our tips tools, we’re looking forward to a CS:GO fan making esports history.”

Esports Millions gives YOU, yes YOU the chance to become a millionaire yourself just by knowing the game you love! Think you can get all the questions right and take home the jackpot? Sign up here and you could be the first Esports Millions winner.