Xtreme Gaming Upsets Team Falcons

The Dota 2 Elite League 2024 wrapped up earlier this week and there was a pretty significant upset in the final matchup of the event. It was Xtreme Gaming that won the championship at this event, but the biggest story is the team that finished in second place. 

This final matchup was highly anticipated, but it didn’t end up being a great Dota 2 battle in front of a big crowd. Xtreme Gaming was able to wrap this up in just four games, taking away all of the drama from the biggest matchup of the tournament. 

Team Falcons made it to their third straight grand final, and they have been the most dominant team in this part of the world. Not only that, but Xtreme Gaming had actually lost seven straight games to Team Falcons, and several of those matchups were not close. 

Now that Xtreme Gaming was able to break through with a win, this team is now looking to take the next step as a franchise. This was actually the second trophy won by Xtreme Gaming as they also won Games of the Future. 

Now Xtreme Gaming is going to have to prove that it can have success outside of the domestic tournaments, but that hasn’t been the case in the past. This team did prove that it can get through some adversity as Team Falcons took complete control in the first match of this best-of-five series. 

Even though Team Falcons had all of the momentum heading into the second match of the series, Xtreme Gaming came away with a dominant win. That momentum continued through the next two games as well, and Team Falcons just couldn’t get things back on track. 

This was a shocking result in a huge matchup, and it could set the stage for even bigger battles for Chinese teams moving forward. 

Rematch is Coming

Even though Team Falcons saw their long winning streak come to an end in this matchup, this is still one of the top Dota 2 teams in this part of the region. Both teams are now heading to ESL One Birmingham, and everyone is expecting that a rematch is going to take place. 

Team Falcons would be a betting favorite if that were to be the case, but both teams are still going to have plenty of work to do. Xtreme Gaming is going to have the full complement of players available to make another run, but that won’t be the case for Team Falcons. 

Due to some Visa issues, Malr1ne might not be able to participate in this international event. Team Falcons does have a deep roster that can fill in, but this would be a big loss ahead of a major tournament. 

Taiga Accused of Match Fixing

Team Leviatan has made a roster move, and it was one that has been anticipated among many in the Dota 2 Esports community. Tommy “Taiga” Le has been kicked off of the team after being accused of taking part in some match fixing. 

Even though there seems to be plenty of evidence that Taiga was guilty of match fixing, the team did not confirm that in the announcement of the release. Teams and leagues have been taking a firm stance on match fixing, and there have been other sports that have been rocked by scandals of late. 

Taiga has not yet commented on the allegations, but the team did announce that this was a mutual decision. This might not be a huge loss for this team as Taiga has participated in just eight matches with the team.