10 major professional football clubs join Konami’s PES eFootball League

FC Bayer Munich, Manchester United, Juventus and Arsenal were all welcomed to Konami’s eFootball League earlier in December. They joined six other clubs to round out the tournament’s 10 team club roster. FC Barcelona, Celtic, AS Monaco, Schalke 04, Boavista FC and FC Nantes, along with the four clubs previously mentioned, will field pro players for the eFootball League.

This is the second season of the eFootball League which hosts professional esports players to compete as representatives of the real-world soccer clubs. Konami hopes that by adding these major clubs to the competition, fans will have a better chance to connect to their favourite club while solidifying the eFootball League as a major esports simulation title.

The senior Director of Brand and Business Development at Konami, Jonas Lygaard, had this to say about the recent additions:

“To secure the participation of 10 of the world’s most well-known football clubs is a testament to the quality of eFootball PES 2020 and its ability to connect clubs to their fans in new and dynamic ways. With authentic squads and professional players, eFootball.Pro will be one to watch.”

The league will be split into two separate tournaments, the new eFootball.Pro tournament and the eFootball.Open tournament, a revamp of last year’s PES League.

The eFootball.Pro tournament will host pro players put forth by the 10 clubs that will play in 3 vs 3 regular nine week season. Players we’re chosen from those involved in last season’s tournament and players who participated in recent Regional and World Finals of Konami’s previous esports competition, PES League.

The eFootball.Open tournament welcomes amateurs to play for one of the 10 clubs within the league. Players will use the new “Matchday mode” to play 1v1 matches against other players with similar skill levels. Top players for this tournament will have the opportunity to proceed to Regional and World Finals.

The competition started on December 14 and will run until May 2020, at which point the bottom four teams will be eliminated and the top six will advance to a knockout stage.