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Providers by Tom Wade July 13, 2019 646

The esports fighting community has always been one of the most passionate gamers and fans in the scene. From Smash Bros. to Street Fighter, there is always an electric, high-octane energy in the air at every event. Unfortunately, in comparison to a top-tier esports title such as League of Legends or CS:GO, there are nowhere […]

Bonuses by Tom Wade July 12, 2019 426

The International is now well under way, with the final regional qualifiers coming to an end on the 14th of July. Only Europe, North America and China are left to secure their places in the group stages, battling it out from July 11th to July 14th. These matches are just Bo1, so anything could happen! […]

League of Legends by Tom Wade July 05, 2019 1.23K

Game throwing is something that has plagued both esports and traditional sports for decades. This is when a player or team intentionally loses a game by doing uncharacteristic things or making intentional mistakes, rather than just forfeiting. In the world of esports this has recently been a talking point around the team Unicorns of Love. […]

Events by Tom Wade July 05, 2019 984

Although not as broadly popular as other esports titles, Team Fortress 2 has always had a strong core following of loyal fans. With this, there are less offline events, but the ones that still run are full of hyped and engaged fans as well as the best teams from around the world. The Insomnia Gaming […]

Casino by Tom Wade July 01, 2019 926

It’s rare that providers interested in esports expand beyond sportbook offerings and venture into esports-focussed casino games. Most esports fans are players of the games they watch, so betting on professional matches makes sense. Leading esports betting provider Betway have taken this one step further. Taking advantage of their partnership with Swedish esports team Ninja’s […]

League of Legends by Tom Wade June 29, 2019 489

Riot’s new Pro View, powered by interactive streaming platform, offers a premium, feature-rich viewing experience for both LCS and LEC games. This premium service provides viewers with some fantastic features, including: Multiview: Watch up to four synchronised streams (POV or main event) at once during live games and VODs Advanced Timeline: Kills, tower takedowns […]

Industry by Tom Wade June 24, 2019 328

TOP10 has announced the launch of their first iteration of a community-driven approach to an esports news platform. TOP10 Esports aims to become the ultimate destination for the esports community with content such as breaking news, gameplay articles and video series. They aim to connect Esports fans across the globe through their community-driven approach to […]

Bonuses by Tom Wade June 09, 2019 348

Since launching their Discord in 2018, ArcaneBet have been slowly building a loyal community of bettors and tipsters. At the time of writing they have just shy of 1,000 members in their channel, discussing both upcoming and in-play esports matches. To better accommodate their players, ArcaneBet have refreshed their user roles and added a rewards […]

Rocket League by Tom Wade May 22, 2019 1.22K

If you’ve been keeping an eye on Twitter recently, then there has been no shortage of FaZe drama! But on a slightly more positive note for the professional organisation, there are rumours brewing that they may be entering the scene after a pro player let something slip on their social media.

Bets by Tom Wade May 22, 2019 460

As one of the most well known betting sportbooks in the esports community, Betway don’t need to do much more to make sure bettors keep coming back. But luckily for us, they do! Their esports objectives campaign gives us free bets every single week, allowing us to boost our bets with really simple terms and […]

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