Esports Interview: Midnite Community Manager Robbie Singh

As part of our ongoing series of interviews here at SickOdds, this week features RGSACE, the esports fan in charge of managing Midnite’s ever-growing betting community. Get an insight into how he got started, as well as his tips on both starting and growing an esports focussed community.

“When I’m trying to build a core community I really want to add value to people’s lives.”

Can you please introduce yourself?

My name is Robbie “RGSACE” Singh. My official title is Community Director at Midnite, an esports betting platform, but as with most startups you tend to wear multiple hats and some of these for me have been heading up growth initiatives and customer operations. 

When did you get into esports?

I’d say I got into esports quite late. I think I was in my early 20s when I started paying attention to the esports scene and that was mostly thanks to Paragon, a MOBA by Epic Games that has since been shutdown. That really gave me a taste for the competitive side of video games and since then my interest has grown as I’ve spent more and more time following various teams and players.

What are the key steps to building your core fans?

I think if you’re passionate about anything, whether it’s a video game or a particular hobby or a specific niche, you can find other people that are just as passionate as you are. The question is can you add value to these people? When I’m trying to build a core community I really want to add value to people’s lives. I think YouTube is a great way to do this through information and entertainment and then Discord is a great way to give these people direct access to yourself or others in your community, something I think YouTube struggles with.

After you’re sure you’re constantly adding value to your community you want to be consistent with the content you put out, that means you’re putting out content every week at the same time. Building a core community that has a routine is going to be pivotal to success, especially if you’re building it around a company like Midnite.

The perfect example is every Friday at 4pm BST we host what we call ‘Midnite Money’. It’s about 30-45 minutes of fun and games with all our community members where we do various games like virtual marble races and give the winners prizes. People know this happens every Friday and each week our audience grows.

To summarise – add value and routine.

How did you expand beyond a core community?

Once you’ve got a core community it’s quite easy to expand beyond this as long as you’re staying true to your core community. It would be strange for a Physics YouTube channel to start uploading gaming videos, but if you expanded to say Chemistry you’d probably find a good crossover. This is how you want think about community.

With Midnite, for example, we can look at this on an esports basis. Initially we added a lot of value to various Counter-Strike communities and customers, which happens to have similarities to Call of Duty. With this we’re able to crossover into Call of Duty while staying true to our original community members but also attracting new members who might not be interested in Counter Strike but are in Call of Duty.

What does the future hold for the Midnite community?

Exciting things! Our community and customers are what make Midnite and as the company grows we’ll be able to deploy more and more resources to continue to add value to our community.

Has COVID-19 changed how the community has grown or interacted?

The community has grown over the course of the lockdown as more people are at home, however we’re always cautious about growth during periods like this. We want people to gamble safely and responsibly, something we take extremely serious at Midnite.

It has been great to interact more with our customers and learn more about them. “How can Midnite serve our customers better” is always a question we’re asking so having that extra time to spend with our customers has been incredibly insightful; and of course, we’ve been running our weekly Midnite Money which always creates a fun and positive atmosphere in the community on a Friday afternoon.

Paragon has been revived and gone mainstream and all esports teams are scrabling to recruit you. Who do you join and why?

Easy. 100 Thieves. I think they’re a lifestyle brand rather than an esports company and I’d love to be part of a team that is in-touch with the kids of today. Also they have some of the best merch in the game!