Unify Online partner with SickOdds

Unify Online has recently announced their partnership with SickOdds. Let’s take a look at each company and how they will be working together throughout this partnership to benefit the esports and gaming community.

What is UnifyOnline?

UnifyOnline is a tournament organiser with a focus on Valorant, TeamFight Tactics (TFT) and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO). Since Unify launched, they have held several different tournaments for the community to compete in. Currently all of these were focused on Valorant, and they turned out to be a great success.

With the full version of Valorant being released this past week, we can expect to see even more tournaments coming from UnifyOnline. During the quarantine lockdown Unify created their Valorant Quarantine Cup(s) as a way for the community to interact and engage with one another, rewarding hundreds in prizes so far!

Who are SickOdds?

SickOdds lives and breathes esports betting comparison. They help users find the most trusted esports betting sites whilst highlighting the generous bonuses, market ranges and best live odds of each.

As well as providing reviews for betting websites and platforms, SickOdds also has a dedicated tips page which allows users to take advantage of a wealth of knowledge and boost their potential betting outcomes. SickOdds provides regular news updates from the esports and gaming community, so you can find everything you need in one platform.

How Unify & SickOdds will work together

So how exactly will this partnership work? SickOdds will be acting as a data provider for UnifyOnline. SickOdds will be covering match previews for all events that UnifyOnline hosts, as well as helping to provide any integrity data including the ability to flag potential match fixing in realtime.

On the flip side of the partnership, Unify will be creating content for SickOdds whilst they continue to grow within the Valorant scene. The partnership is not only limited to Valorant however, in the near future there will be steps taken into both TeamFight Tactics and CS:GO tournaments.

This should be a prosperous partnership between two companies that are striving to help their respective communities grow and thrive.

Valorant Points Giveaway

UnifyOnline are currently running a Valorant Points giveaway on their Twitter. There are simple rules to follow in order to enter, you can find the details here. The winner will receive 12,000 Valorant Points, worth £100. The winner will be announced on 16th June and 6pm BST.