100 Thieves Confirm Valorant Roster For The 2023 Season

100 Thieves Announce 2024 LCS Roster Aimed at Development

100 Thieves announced their 2024 League of Legends Roster aimed at future development. How soon will they find success?

The LCS offseason continues to heat up as 100 Thieves released a video on their YouTube channel announcing both their 2024 LCS Roster and their vision for the 100 Thieves League of Legends program moving forward. In the video, General Manager Joseph Jang and Head Coach Greyson “GoldenGlue” Gilmer announced that next year Sniper, River, Quid, Meech, and Eyla will be starting line up next year with the goal of developing young North Americans into an internationally competitive lineup in future seasons. Though the emphasis was on long-term development and tempering expectations for the 2024 season, there are still plenty of reasons to be excited for 100 Thieves next season.

River to Lead the Rookies

In the video GoldenGlue spoke on his vision to have young players that have personalities that work together led by a veteran leader who can help steer the younger players in the right direction both in and out of the game. The hope is that River is the perfect candidate to fill that role both in attitude and position. The Jungler River will be able to roam around the map and help any of the younger laners who might be struggling to adapt to playing on the big stage.

When it comes to the young talent that they are bringing in, there should be no concern whatsoever. In the Top Lane North American fans will finally see Sniper in action, who has been touted as the best player in the region’s history, and fans hope that the 17-year-old Canadian will be able to finally bring international success to a region so desperate for hope. Though the hype surrounding the teenager is at an all-time high GoldenGlue and 100 Thieves hope the community will remember that he is still “fresh” to the pro game which as any pro will tell you is completely different from solo queue despite what we fans like to think.

In the Middle Lane Quid will be making a return after playing with the team in the 2023 LCS Summer Split. Prior to joining the 100 Thieves roster in 2023, he was playing in Gen.G’s development system playing both in the LCK Academy Series and the LCK Challenger League. Though somewhat fresh from Korea the language barrier isn’t looking to be too big of an issue especially with River being able to help translate.

At AD Carry the team is turning to a 22-year-old Canadian playing under the gamer tag Meech. Meech has been playing in the North American competitive scene for a while, but has just not gotten the chance in the LCS until now. He has spent time in the Dignitas, Immortals, CLG, and NRG development systems before finding his way to Disguised Gaming where he would play under the coaching of GoldenGlue who has brought him with him to 100 Thieves. In the announcement video, GoldenGlue spoke highly of Meech’s ability to play at a high level consistently regardless of pressure. The hope is that the unnerving ADC will be able to help bring a ton of success to this team.

Rounding out the team is Support Eyla who has a year of LCS experience under his belt but is still relatively new to the pro scene. In his first split in the LCS, he helped FlyQuest reach 3rd place in the 2023 Spring Split. He would play with Evil Geniuses in the Summer and find a 5th-6th place finish. He hopes to be another veteran-like voice for the roster of three rookies as a player who has played with the best North American League of Legends has to offer.