2020 Fortnite Winterfest: 14 Days of Incredible Fortnite Gaming

Epic Games has being running 14 days of Fortnite during Christmas holiday. Each day a player could play a game, they would get a chance to unlock free cosmetic. However, last year, epic took a break from 14 days and adopted Fortnite Winterfest. The aspect is not so different, considering players could still get gifts and unlock cosmetics. This year’s Fortnite Winterfest is around the corner. There is a possibility that participants will get gifts and even free skin.

2020 Fortnite Winterfest Start Date

Epic is yet to give an official day of when Fortnite Winterfest will commence. It’s not even clear whether the brand will go back to 14 days of Fortnite. But, looking at last year’s schedule, back to back event started on December 18 and ended on January 7, 2020, which was also the last day players could open their rewards. This year’s event may start earlier, considering Major Fortnite update will occur on 15 or 16 of this month.

The Christmas Holiday Event

Snowmando NPC

Before the release of Fortnite season 5, several sources leaked information that turned to be true. One of the leaks was about getting a snowman NPC. According to the leaks, the NPC will endow players’ requests, converse with you, and issue loot for you.

Christmas Flopper

Epic is good at adding floppers to every Fortnite season. Already, we’ve seen the zero point flopper in Fortnite season 5. In that line, a Christmas flopper has been added to v15.00 update and will come with a description as “eat this to bring on the holiday gifts”.


Another update you can expect in the v15.00 Fortnite is new audio for the 2020 Christmas Winterfest. Leaks confirm that the audio will be Frozen Ice Boxes, similar to last year’s Winterfest.

Will There Be Winterfest Rewards and Challenges?

It is not yet clear what Epic Games have in store for its players regarding quests, challenges, and rewards. One data miner, ShiinaBR, has pointed out that the leaked Snowmando skin in the v15.00 update lacks the item shop source tag. Thus, Snowmando may be one of this year’s Winterfest rewards. Considering that epic gave two free Fortnite skins last Winterfest, they will likely want to do it bigger and better this year.

Another thing players can look forward to is a Christmas themed battle bus. Also, considering its Christmas Winterfest, you should expect to see Christmas decorations along with the map. With all that in place, one of the 2020 Winterfest challenges could be for players to visit all Christmas trees that will be on the map.