A Few Big Esports Roster News Announcements

The world of esports just continues to grow, and it’s one that always seems to have some big news stories present. There aren’t really any big events currently taking place, but that isn’t stopping big organizations from trying to prepare for success. 

While there are some standalone teams out there, most of the top esports tournaments are won by big organizations. Two of those organizations have announced some big roster moves that will shape upcoming events in different sports. 

Beastcoast Not Taking Chances

There has been a recent trend of championship teams that still look to make some roster moves, but Beastcoast is not wanting to follow that trend. This team just won the BLAST R6 Manchester Major last month, and the organization has announced that it has re-signed the entire roster. 

This was the first major win for the organization, and Beastcoast put on a clinic in dispatching Team BDS in the final of that event. This organization will also be partnering with Cloud9 in Rainbow Six Siege action, and it will allow Cloud9 to get into the Esports World Cup. 

Not only will the entire roster be returning, but they will be coming back on a three-year deal, and that is extremely rare in the esports industry. Here is a look at the six players that have signed a new deal with the team. 

  • Dfuzr
  • Froshii
  • Gaveni
  • Gunnar
  • Hotancold
  • Spiritz

Gunnar was named MVP of the BLAST 6 Manchester Major, and it was a huge key to get him back on this team. This team had very low expectations heading into that event, but they quickly proved how talented they were. 

Now that this entire roster has been re-signed, you will see this group being listed as one of the favorites at upcoming Rainbow Six events. 

Toronto Ultra Announces Roster Moves

Toronto Ultra is another of the biggest names that will be competing at the Esports World Cup, and this organization is going to be competing in a number of different sports. The organization recently announced rosters for Overwatch 2 and Teamfight Tactics, but a Call of Duty roster will be coming as well. 

The Esports World Cup is going to provide some unique opportunities for esports organizations as there will be big cash prizes available. Those organizations that place in multiple events are going to be eligible for the biggest awards that are out there. 

Toronto Ultra has been working hard to sign players that will allow them to be competitive in each sport, and that will be something to watch. Here is a look at some of the roster moves announced by the team, and how they might stack up in each competition. 

Plenty of Big Names

When looking to put together this roster, Toronto Ultra took a number of players from the Toronto Defiant roster. Toronto Defiant competes in the Overwatch Champions Series and they are a team that has been highly successful. 

The Teamfight Tactics team is going to be extremely new, but it’s full of some players that have been highly successful. Since this is still a relatively new game, Toronto Ultra was not very experienced when searching for these players. 

Overwatch 2 at the EWC is going to come with a total prize pool of $1 million, and that’s a huge prize pool compared to the number of teams that are in the mix. The total prize pool for TFT is much smaller, but it’s the cumulative prize that Toronto Ultra is trying to get. 

These players will now spend time working together and trying to build up some chemistry.