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Events by Tom Wade December 06, 2019 5.25K

Entertainment and pop culture website Fandom has announced a weekly Teamfight Tactics tournament in partnership with Riot Games and sponsor, State Farm. The tournament, named Fandom Legends: Teamfight Tactics (though why it wasn’t Fandom-onium we’ll never know!) will start on December 1st and run for four weeks. The event will be streamed live from Fandom Studios […]

Teamfight Tactics by Tom Wade September 30, 2019 5.28K

League of Legends is one of the most popular esports titles on the scene, but Riot aren’t stopping there. The emerging Auto Battler genre has been gaining traction and popularity over recent months and Riot’s announcement to introduce and nurture a Teamfight Tactics pro scene in 2020 has only added fuel to that fire. Richard […]

Events by Laura Byrne July 17, 2019 7.50K

Updated July 18th 2019: now offers odds on Teamfight Tactics! Teamfight Tactics is just under a month old and Twitch Rivals is already hosting the games first official tournament. Starting July 17, 64 Twitch streamers will go head-to-head over two days for a share of the $125,000 (£99,000) prize pool. Here is everything you […]

Latest by Felicity Wade July 10, 2019 4.37K

Teamfight Tactics is the talk of the town right now since its initial release on June 10th, just shy of one month ago. The game is a spin off from the esport classic title, League of Legends, and is currently only available via PC or Mac software, but could this be about to change? Rumoured […]

Bets by Felicity Wade June 13, 2019 7.67K

It doesn’t matter which industry you are in or what interests you follow, after a while, everybody wants to know what is out there that is new? In terms of esports, all your staple games such as League of Legends, Counterstrike, Fifa etc, are all incredible and that cannot be denied; however a fresh platform […]

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