Could Riot’s new Teamfight Tactics be the next big betting craze?

It doesn’t matter which industry you are in or what interests you follow, after a while, everybody wants to know what is out there that is new? In terms of esports, all your staple games such as League of Legends, Counterstrike, Fifa etc, are all incredible and that cannot be denied; however a fresh platform and a new idea is always tempting. Well, that wait is officially over!

Only a matter of days ago, Riot Games provided us with the knowledge that they are bringing an all new gaming mode to their League of Legends title, which will be known as Teamfight Tactics. Involved in the game are a host of new characters that will be recognised as ‘Little Legends’ and are similar to existing characters but with a more juvenile, baby-faced appearance. Very much like the original, these cute little miscreants are likely to still pack a punch and many will be ready and available to be the player’s avatar during each match, with others awaiting to be unlocked and unleashed.

Although this announcement has come about only very recently, we are slowly learning the names and personalities that are set up for each of this fresh-faced fighters, with some backstories also available for those of you who are keen to begin. ‘Featherknight’ for example, takes on an adorable penguin-like appearance but with a tough deposition, sporting a wooden sword, traditional knight costume and a very determined look in his eye; he is one not to disappoint! As well as that we are aware of ‘Hauntling’, possibly based on the original Thresh character, is an eerie ghostly type figure that is apparently the “spookiest of the Little Legends” with a grudge to bear. Not forgetting ‘Furyhorn’, who may sound cute but is a character who takes on the look between a lion and a ram and the personality of a ferocious, horned beast.

The mode of Teamfight Tactics is an autobattler style, similar to Dota 2’s game type Autochess and there are various ways that players can level up throughout the game. The creatures involved are sure to be loved right from the get go and due to their lovability, they will also be released in stores as plush style characters. The mode will involve a total of eight players who will battle their best abilities until we are down to just the one player. In order to win, players are encouraged to upgrade items and combine teams of the best champions as well as create battle plans that will effectively shift the battle outcome in their favour.

The question on our lips however, is could this be the next big esports title to blow others out the water? League of Legends is responsible for pulling in an alarming rate of bets and is easily one of the biggest online competitive games in the world, attracting more users and players by the day.

Currently fans of League of Legends can bet on the outcome of each map throughout the game, the total number of kills, the potential last standing character and the overall score and outcome. There are plenty of variabilities that some bettors can monitor live in order to achieve the best results and with Teamfight Tactics being very recently developed, could there be room for new types of betting and areas that were once never considered profitable for users?

No teams as of yet have devoted any resources or dropped any hints about whether they will or won’t be focussing primarily on Teamfight Tactics upon its release, but with this new pathway into a whole new world of Little Legends, could we be looking at a new breakthrough for online betting rates?

After all, who could resist those little faces?