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Events by Felicity Wade July 22, 2019 667

FIFA fans are likely well aware of the up and coming FIFA eWorld Cup which is making its way back to the O2 stage in London during the 2nd-4th of August this year. Involving 32 of FIFA’s best 2019 players from across the world and showcasing a head-to-head battle to determine a worthy winner, the […]

Bonuses by Felicity Wade July 12, 2019 1.28K

Twitch Prime members were made aware of an exciting bonus last month that involved free exclusive legend and weapon skins for the increasingly popular title, Apex Legends. Well more of the same is coming their way this month and next but this time it is for Fifa fans, with two free Fifa 19 packs up […]

Latest by Felicity Wade July 10, 2019 937

Teamfight Tactics is the talk of the town right now since its initial release on June 10th, just shy of one month ago. The game is a spin off from the esport classic title, League of Legends, and is currently only available via PC or Mac software, but could this be about to change? Rumoured […]

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Competition by Felicity Wade July 09, 2019 792

Known for his quick-thinking and slick decision-making, Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev is a prestigious Counterstrike: Global Offensive player and world-renowned for his skill. However, it is a fact of life, that it doesn’t matter how good you may be at a certain something, people make mistakes and often those misjudgements, whether intentional or not, can be […]

Dota 2 by Felicity Wade July 04, 2019 1.45K

Dota 2 is recognised globally for its world-renowned, generous prize pool that has become a prestigious factor at every tournament and mass competition. The International is Dota 2’s annual esports tournament, hosted by Valve and attracts thousands of fans who come from far and wide to fill the arenas, with millions more watching via online […]

Competition by Felicity Wade July 03, 2019 1.20K

Number one favourite and go-to-gaming streaming service, Twitch, have announced that they are to be offering up special promotions, as well as hosting tournaments, for Amazon’s Prime Day this July. Both Twitch and Amazon Prime are already heavily intertwined companies and do well to boost each others business, and this Prime Day event is another […]

FIFA by Felicity Wade June 28, 2019 1.55K

JD Sports is a well-established UK staple in the sport and footwear fashion industry and has been recognised and appreciated since the early 80’s. To add to their success, ‘JDX‘ is the latest in a long line of famous names to enter the esports community as a recognised brand in the competition arena. The event […]

Events by Felicity Wade June 26, 2019 638

Becoming involved in the esports sector is thankfully on the rise, with more and more celebrities and public figures recognising the industry and taking steps to be a part of it in one way or another. The latest to join in partnership with an esports organisation LDN UTD, is English Grime rapper and MC, Mr […]

Industry by Felicity Wade June 25, 2019 816

Brexit has somewhat monopolised the news as of late and for quite some time now, with the decision to either ‘leave’ or ‘remain’ in the European Union being at the forefront of our minds. With that decision still in the making, Brexit has undoubtedly had various affects on the country and many independent and large […]

Drama by Felicity Wade June 20, 2019 723

When it comes to any form of game playing there are rules and regulations that you have to confine to in order to keep things fair, just, and sometimes in more serious circumstances, to keep things legal. If and when these rules are broken there can be very real consequences and a situation such as […]

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