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Competition by Felicity Wade July 09, 2019 495

Known for his quick-thinking and slick decision-making, Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev is a prestigious Counterstrike: Global Offensive player and world-renowned for his skill. However, it is a fact of life, that it doesn’t matter how good you may be at a certain something, people make mistakes and often those misjudgements, whether intentional or not, can be […]

Competition by Felicity Wade July 03, 2019 941

Number one favourite and go-to-gaming streaming service, Twitch, have announced that they are to be offering up special promotions, as well as hosting tournaments, for Amazon’s Prime Day this July. Both Twitch and Amazon Prime are already heavily intertwined companies and do well to boost each others business, and this Prime Day event is another […]

Call of Duty by Felicity Wade June 18, 2019 500

There is a widely used phrase across the world that suggests that “charity begins at home”. However, charity truly begins in Australia as of late, where tournament organiser and production company ESL (Electronic Sport League) have teamed up with the commendable Sony Foundation, to bring ‘Gaming4Life Call of Duty Charity Tournament’ to our screens. Powered […]

Competition by Felicity Wade June 12, 2019 528

Tournament organiser FACEIT and esteemed League of Legends publisher, Riot Games, have joined forces in a new partnership that has recently announced the first League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) Scouting Grounds Circuit. The event in question includes various qualifying phases, with a total of ten online events, playoffs and final stages that will commence […]

Competition by Felicity Wade May 24, 2019 727

Girl power is ever-present in the news today with feminism and women’s success frequently topping the charts; its become the way of the world as of late! Well it appears they turned heads once again when it comes to the esports industry with news of a inaugural all-female CS:GO tournament on the cards for the […]

Competition by Tom Wade March 19, 2019 1.35K

Think you have what it takes to beat Fnatic’s new Midlaner, Nemesis, in a 1v1? Well now is your chance to prove yourself! Fnatic have yesterday announced a Dr. Mundo Baron Pit tournament that will pit Fnatic fans against each other in a knockout format until just the bravest and most skilled Fnatic fan remains […]

Competition by Felicity Wade December 07, 2018 858

To acknowledge the up and coming 2019 Halo Classic event, run by tournament organiser Ultimate Gaming Company (UGC), we are proud to be giving away an exciting, limited edition, VIP gift box full of goodies and merchandise to help celebrate in style. Inside the exclusive pack are all things that are only available at the […]

Competition by Tom Wade October 22, 2018 866

Can you tell your #Faker from your #Fake‘s? Faker is quite arguably one of the best League of Legends players in the world. Playing for SKT T1, a Korean organisation, since February 2013 he has won the international Worlds tournament 3 times and has more silverware than Ikea. To celebrate his immense contribution to the […]

Competition by Tom Wade October 08, 2018 979

A huge congratulations to our Twitter follower who won our competition last month, winning himself a Karambit Fade CS:GO knife skin worth over $500!

Competition by Tom Wade August 31, 2018 1.38K

Insomnia is the premier UK esports tournament that usually takes place twice a year, the biggest of which being held in the Summer. Held in Birmingham at the NEC it’s the venue for a number of pro-level esports tournaments, including the open and invitational tournaments for CS:GO, League of Legends, Overwatch, Team Fortress 2, Rocket […]

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October 08, 2018 979

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October 22, 2018 866

#Fake or #Faker?

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