League of Legends: 2020 World Championship Highlights

After a week of stiff competition, the tenth season of the League of Legends (LoL) World Championship concluded on Saturday. This year’s championship attracted 22 teams that qualified in various regions across the world. The tournament qualifiers are selected from regional circuits, which include South Korea, China, Europe, Taiwan, and North America. Hong Kong and Macau fall under the Southeast Asia region.

However, it is important to note that multi-city hosting wasn’t possible in this year’s edition due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Two teams from Vietnam canceled their participation due to travel bans and restrictions. All playing stages occurred in Shanghai, where players were monitored closely in a “closed bubble” environment.

DAMWON Gaming Thrashes Suning

South Korea’s DAMWON Gaming was declared the 2020 LoL World Champion after beating China’s Suning in an intense final play. Many fans expected DAMWON Gaming to deliver a fantastic win, thanks to the members’ unmatched grasp on the meta. The new champions maintained a sterling winning streak and lost to two teams only throughout the tournament. In the group stage, they lost to JD Gaming, while G2 Esports managed to beat them in the semifinals.

It was impossible to ignore the zeal and unity that DAMWON members displayed throughout their games. Unlike many other teams, they understand the importance of assisting each other. They also have an excellent mastery of the maps, which ensured they navigated swiftly, with calculated risks.

DAMWON is the first League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK) team to make it to the finals in three years, hence restoring LCK’s glory. On the other hand, Suning’s performance was a huge surprise to many fans, who expected the likes of Top Esports to make it to the finals. Even though the team lost, Sunning aced their gaming.

Canyon of DAMWON Gaming Steals the Show

Canyon is arguably the king of the LoL 2020 World Championship after steering his team through a winning streak. The rest of DAMWON team members played around Canyon, giving him assistance, as he is the most confident and witty when it comes to creating advantages. It is important to understand that amongst all participants from the 22 teams, Canyon is the only one who managed the Kindred pick flawlessly. Other picks that Canyon did swiftly include the Hecarim and the Graves.

The 19-year old champion received the World’s 2020 finals MVP award immediately after the last game, which ranked as his best overall. Besides securing seven neutral objectives, Canyon killed the last Nexus of the year with a swift scoreline of 8-0-7. Canyon also hinted that he’d juggle between Nidalee and Graves as his World championship skin. However, despite playing 11 games in the tournament, he managed to get Nidalee only once.

Will Suning Be the Next World Champion?

Suning players have been putting in a lot of effort and hard work behind the scenes, which is evident from their performance. Suning reigned the tournament as an underdog and emerged the dark horse. Every moment the team was moving into a knock-out stage, everyone thought it was their last. Sunning’s victories weren’t only convincing, but deserving too, thanks to their resilience. The team just marked their spot; we shouldn’t be surprised to see them lifting the Summoner’s Cup in the next seasons.