The Coming of Overwatch 2

One of the famous titles in eSports, Overwatch, which has garnered many players since its inception in 2016, will be coming back with full packed features. Overwatch 2 has been expected by some players, as they yearn to get some more added features to their favorite game. The news of this game’s appearance has spread across various news platforms, as Overwatch is a game that players love and are excited to play.

Over the years, there have been several gamers who have been actively involved in this game. One of the eSport league that players have always kept a close eye on for several years is Overwatch. With the reports of the introduction of Overwatch 2, several players have been keen on finding out what the new game would provide. There have been several rumors flying across with many speculations about the newly designed Overwatch game for players.

Facts about Overwatch 2

The official announcement for Overwatch 2 was made in 2019 at BlizzCon, by Jeff Kaplan, the creative director. During the Blizzard team’s annual event, this announcement came in and was followed by a fantastic and emotional eight-minute cinematic trailer, with Kaplan telling the audience that the game was in its developmental phase.

Overwatch 2 would have new features, featuring new PVP modes, cosmetic items, and maps. These features were also mentioned during the annual event. Overwatch 2 is filled with marvelous adventures, as it is designed to allow you and five friends to complete the game’s objectives, doing so against the game’s AI.

The date for releasing Overwatch 2 is unknown, as Kaplan has not made the release date public. Though there has been some speculation that it will be released at BlizzCon 2021, the Blizzard team has yet to say anything about its release date.


Overwatch 2 comes with excellent gameplay with full narratives. Players are sure to have a fabulous time on the game with the collective mission accomplishments with the multiplayer feature. This cooperative mode allows players to work together, all against the AI. The cinematic also shows the game heroes fighting in various places like Brazil (Rio de Janeiro).

Where does this leave the Original Overwatch?

Overwatch 2 is a new version of the original game, and was likely made to keep up with other competitors. With the new features of the Overwatch 2, where does the original Overwatch game stand? According to Jeff Kaplan, the original game would also get the same maps that the Overwatch 2 game has; thus, owners of the original Overwatch can enjoy multiplayer games with friends too.

For the new heroes, the Blizzard team also mentioned that they would be made available in both the original Overwatch and Overwatch 2. According to the director, these are to ensure that the already-built community of the game does not split.

In conclusion, Overwatch 2 is an offering you should look forward to as a gamer, as it provides you with more adventures and excellent game play to share with your friends. All the cosmetics and graphics from the original Overwatch will be brought forward to Overwatch 2, ensuring that players are not leaving anything behind.