4-17 Washington Justice causing a lot of chaos in the 2020 playoffs

Imagine going 4-17 during a season and still making the playoffs! Not only is that the situation that the Washington Justice currently find themselves in, they are also having a pretty good chance of winning it all. Of course, a lot of that has to do with the acquisition of Gui-un”Decay” Jang and him putting on rockstar performances so far in the playoffs, but the supporting cast has been stellar as well.

Again, this wouldn’t have been possible if Gui-un”Decay” Jang didn’t get released by the Dallas Fuel and the Washington Justice didn’t use Covid-19 travel rules to get the pro on the team, but everyone has been turning in great performances during the playoffs. Maybe this means that Decay was just the missing piece in a more complex puzzle, and they are finally realizing their true potential as a squad.

In fact, the Washington Justice already destroyed the Vancouver Titans 3-0, followed that up with a 3-0 victory against the Dallas Fuel. They did eventually fall to The San Francisco shock 3-2 in a contest that came down to the wire and are now in the loser’s bracket of the tournament as a result. Fortunately for the Justice however, they claimed a last second victory against the Paris Eternal and a 3-1 over the California valiant.

Keep in mind that this is the same Washington Justice that lost to the San Francisco Shock 0-3, the Paris Eternal, the Dallas Fuel 2-3, and even 0-2 to the Florida Mayhem during the regular season. If nothing else, this is a team that went from having little chance of winning a championship, to pretty much being the fan favorite and delivering key wins in the process.

This is honestly a true underdog team like no other and they might have a chance of pulling it off if everything goes well. Pretty much everyone must have already written them off as a non-factor in the playoffs, because these guys are delivering some legendary performances. Now a lot of that has to do with Decay joining the team before the postseason, but it’s a team effort that gets the job done.

That’s why the addition of head coach, Seung-jun”Supr7me” Yeonjoon, “Ark” Hong, Minseok” Aimgod” Kwon and Chung-Hee “Stich “ Lee, who have all continued to deliver epic performance after epic performance. If that continues or not remains to be seen and depends on how they navigate the losers’ bracket in the coming weeks, but it doesn’t look like they are a team that should be taken lightly.