League of Legends prepare for 2020 Worlds Tournament

In just a few short weeks the League of Legends 2020 Worlds Tournament will be held in Shanghai, China from September 25-October 31. The top 22 teams from around the world will compete through several knockout stages in order to reach the final championship series. The winning purse is set at almost $2.5 million for the competing teams. Last year, FunPlus Phoenix , from China, managed to defeat G2 eSports, from Europe, in the 2019 Worlds Tournament. Due to the coronavirus, the tournament will be held solely in Shanghai and it’s doubtful whether a live audience will be able to attend the tournament. Still, eSports has been enjoying success gaining more viewership as the tournaments and prize pools have become more competitive.

The play-in stage begins September 25th, as ten teams will compete for the final four spots available in the tournament. Teams will compete in a round-robin tournament to establish rankings among the play-in teams. Then teams will compete in several elimination matches in order to secure a spot in the tournament. Some teams to watch are Group A: Team Liquid and MAD Lions, and Group B: Rainbow7 and LGD Gaming. A 16-team group stage will begin October 3rd featuring four teams from the initial play-in stage.

With the tournament approaching and the end of season 10, fans are excited about what’s next for League of Legends in season 11. Riot Games (LOL developer) announced Monday, September 14th several new updates to the items system in the game. Riot Games is attempting to balance items in order to keep the game competitive. Instead giving a player or class an ultimate, overpowering kit to sprint towards, players need to take a creative approach to their items. This should balance out items and keep one item or kit from annihilating everyone in the game.

Riot also announced a new class of items called Mythic items. A player will be required to implement a Mythic item which will be the foundation of a build. A Mythic will then effect the rest of your item purchases through different perks and abilities. A player can only have one Mythic at a time. Riot will implement the “Item Balance Framework” to monitor each Mythic in order to ensure that an item is not being overused or is overpowering. The goal is to have items balance out in order to keep the game-play creative and original. Riot will make adjustments as players “game” the system to ensure Mythic items remain open ended.